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The Science of Hydrophobicity

A key trait of most ceramic coatings are its hydrophobic properties. As a formulator and manufacturer of ceramic coatings and cleaners, hydrophobicity is an important factor to us. And if it’s important for you too, come join us as we enter the fourth instalment of “The Science of” by IGL R&D team. Read previous entries …

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The Science of Graphene-based Protective Coating

We’re back with the second edition of “The Science of”! This time we’re talking about graphene and why you should be excited that it has been discovered. history of graphene Graphene is a carbon-based nanomaterial which gained tremendous attention among researchers after its discovery in 2004. Professor Andre Geim and Professor Konstantin Novoselov were awarded …

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The Science of Ceramic Coatings

We love getting deeper into what we do and sharing our findings with you. So we’ve teamed up with our R&D team to start a new blog series called “The Science of” where we explain things from a technical perspective. We hope you enjoy these unadulterated content by our R&D team! What are ceramic coatings? …

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