Today we’re sharing about ecocoat premier application using machine that has been tried and tested by Paul Naisbitt of Deluxe Detailing. Here’s what he has to say about it!


While scrolling through social media, I came across a post which suggested an unorthodox approach to applying IGL Coatings ecocoat premier. The discussion was about solutions for removing wash marring and light defects within paintwork coatings; if it was possible or was the best approach to remove and reapply.

Full credit has to go to Danny Chong for explaining ecocoat premier spray sealant applied via machine on a finishing pad as an exceptional way to remove these types of defects. This stuck in my head due to the fact I’ve personally used a finishing polish with the softest pad possible. Like a Lake Country CCS Gold previously with other branded coatings which obversely sacrificed the durability and hardness of the area, sometimes even removing the product and resulting in reapplication.


I was convinced of the application process. However, I wanted to try before buying fully into the technique. I just didn’t have the opportunity with the vehicles that were in the diary. Danny then posted a live video whilst carrying out some training showing the process. Though unfortunately this didn’t show the true result that I was later to witness in person due to streaming quality.

Opportunity came when my parents little VW Polo was covered in various contamination and was suffering from lower panel general wash marring.

This is what I found to work

I chose Rupes dual action polishers to keep heat to a minimum for the process with soft open cell pads throughout using approximately four pads to complete the car.

Initially apply three to four spritz of ecocoat premier onto the pad, spread a small 12” x 12” area without the machine running and no pressure applied.

Start the machine on speed setting two and work a area of approximately 24” x 24” using the weight of the machine only until there is little to no residue left to remove.

Using this method although simple has staggering results on previously coated paintwork with no difficult streaks or smearing left to remove.


Thank you Paul & Danny for the insightful sharing! If you have any tips of your own, share it with us at [email protected]. For more details on IGL coatings, visit our website

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