Alcohol-based Sanitizers vs. Coronavirus

Sanitizers are now in huge demand thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s easy to understand why as the coronavirus that causes the illness can last on surfaces for up to 72 hours!

However, using the correct sanitizer is as important as sanitizing itself. To efficiently eliminate pathogens, a sanitizer must contain 70% to 90% alcohol as recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Check out the infographic below for all you need to know about alcohol-based sanitizers vs coronavirus.

For a 75% alcohol-based surface sanitizer with medical-grade purity, read more here.

There are many surface sanitizers in the market but not all are made the same. Consumers should be mindful when purchasing. Ensure that the sanitizer has the correct concentration of alcohol to effectively disinfect surfaces.

For a 75% alcohol-based surface sanitizer with medical-grade purity, read more here. For those in Malaysia, you can purchase online from Lazada or Shopee.

Note: This product is not available for sale in North America

5 thoughts on “Alcohol-based Sanitizers vs. Coronavirus”

  1. Damir Blazevic

    Today we have situation in Europe that need of sanitizers is increased by x 1200, so european producers are not able to produce such amount of sanitizers that are approved, tested and handsafe.
    Corona Virus is type of virus that is enveloped by fat membrane, so alcohol kills him.
    We need concentrations of at least 60% of Ethanol or 70% of Isopropanol to be sure it works against Corona Virus.
    Because of lack of sanitizers on market WHO made its recommandation.
    It is a very sad to say that many “producers” used this situation to put on market solution called “sanitizers” which do not corespond this recommandation.
    Greater problem is that alcohol removes all the fat and natural protection from your hands, soon they will be so dry and damaged that virus could pass thru your hands.
    Solution is to moisturize your hands with hand creme, but not with any hand creme. Wrong hand creme could become a feeding ground for virus, so I recommend hand creams or solutions for desinfection which contain glycerol, aloe vera or tea tree extracts.

    Stay healty, stay at home, and be carefull with use of sanitizers.

    Damir Blazevic
    Professional Hygiene Advisor

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