IGL Coatings is Nanoverified!

Instead of claiming, IGL Coatings went ahead to get our nanotechnology verified. Not by 1 testing lab, but by a 6 country initiative!

Nanoverify is a 6 country initiative that involves UK,Russia, Iran, Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia.
The Malaysian chapter is hosted by Nano Malaysia a subsidiary ofthe Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

Qualifying process involves :

– testing of our products to make sure it qualifies as a nanomaterial (our coatings are measured at 5nm)

– 1 year worth of stringent audit of our manufacturing process and system by NanoMalaysia and SIRIM Malaysia.

The hardwork is well worth it! Be Trusted. Be Verified.

Ps – stay tuned as IGL will be working with Nano Malaysia for a research based on the element C.


3 thoughts on “IGL Coatings is Nanoverified!”

  1. When are you coming out with Graphene coatings l think Graphene is the future l know it is! I am looking to get stock in it. Thank You. Ken Papa

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