Contact: Fiona Chin
Mobile Phone: +6010 792 9888
Date: September 23rd, 2019

IGL Coatings, world pioneer of low to zero VOC ceramic coatings, announces its expansion into Asia with the growth of distributors in the region. Targeted to meet demands from growing detailer communities and car owners alike, IGL Coatings have partnered with four companies across the continent, namely Philippines, Lebanon, China, and Nepal.

“We’re excited yet humbled by the opportunity to grow the eco-friendly brand’s reach across Asia,” said Keong Chun Chieh, Managing Director of IGL Coatings, when talking about the recently formed partnerships in Asia. “With the aim to scale into international markets, the partnerships are definitely a huge step into the right direction and we look forward to growing along with IGL Coatings distributors.”

“Our partnership with IGL Coatings as its exclusive distributor in the Philippines is part of our company’s commitment and strategy to address such evolving and increasing need for high quality, professional and comprehensive automobile services in the Philippines,” stated Paul Anthony Yamamoto, Managing Director of Brightbeam Corporation. Brightbeam Corporation has been incorporated in the Philippines for 9 years with more than 50 employees.

Lebanon distributor and Chief Detailer of Woosh Sal, Hassan Bleik, had this to say about IGL Coatings’ flagship 10H ceramic coating, “After trying ecocoat KENZO, we are excited to provide that level of protection and ease of maintenance to all our customers.” He added that, “ecocoat KENZO, combined with the other ecocoat products, makes for an impressive overall experience for car owners and detailer alike.” Woosh Sal is in their 8th years of incorporation with 5 locations and 45 professional staffs across the country.

Jeffrey Gan, Managing Director of GFI Shanghai Inc. for its China operations, believes that, “the introduction of the IGL Coatings product range is an excellent complementary addition to our existing operations.” The company was established in 2008 and have since then secured sole rights to supply multiple high-end automotive brands. He added that GFI Shanghai Inc. “is confident that there will be high demand for IGL Coating’s high quality, eco-friendly products in the Chinese market.”

“We chose to distribute IGL products because of its eco-friendly, high quality ceramic coating based on the latest nanotechnology,” Bishal KC, Managing Director of Time to Shine Nepal Pvt. Ltd., said about the partnership. Adding further onto that, KC expressed their excitement, “We and our clients are very excited to have ecocoat KENZO because it’s the flagship product of IGL Coatings and its unmatched features makes it the most attractive product for us and our clients.” Established since 2018, Time to Shine Nepal Pvt. Ltd. have a team of 10 employees.

IGL Coatings is a global market leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative surface protection solutions. For further information about the distributors mentioned in this press release, please visit IGL Coatings on the web at




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