The Best Glass Coating, or a coating for glass? Which is the best and why is a glass coating important?

The requirements for Coatings on Glass and On Paint can be different! Why?

Paint Coatings look for extraordinary gloss, slickness, hydrophobics and hardness! These features help with protection, ease of maintenance. Not so much with clarity and water repellency which a great coating for glass should have.

Why are Glass Coatings Different? 

IGL Ecocoat Window is unique with its 2-K (2 Component) system. It outlasts its competitors by a mile by lasting up to 12 months (and more!).  2K simply means that the 2 products has to be mixed BEFORE application. Why can’t this be mixed way in advance? Simple. It’s a Pot Life.

Can’t IGL mix it first and then bottle it? 

The Pot Life of the mixture must be used within a certain timeframe. The effectiveness or efficiency of the product reduces and becomes less effective over time. For it to last up to 12 months (and more!) its gotta be fresh!

Ecocoat Window is like a little chemistry set, waiting to be unleashed, by you! A little bit of E1, and a dash of E2, makes hydrophobic surfaces like New!

But How does it Work? 

Here’s how! Ever noticed how when the car is newly delivered, the water repellency is almost perfect? and it gets really bad after a bit? It’s Wear and Tear. Over time, the glass with wear out, whether with wipers, rain, weather or more. Microscopic pores, abrasion and scratches catch contaminants.

Glass+ removes contaminants and IGL Window creates a super slick, clear, water repellent (hydrophobic) surface, perfect for easy cleaning and high visibility in the rain.

Here’s a quick and easy infographic below on how it works and why it works so well! 

If you’ve just got your box of Ecocoat window, and are looking for more details on how to apply Ecocoat Window, we’ve got the video for you!

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