Just Got a Ceramic Coating Done and you’re not sure how to maintain it? 

Congrats! You’ve just had your Car Coated by a professional and you’re looking at how to maintain that slick ceramic coatings of yours! Yeay! We’re excited for you as we know the great feeling of a brand new ceramic coated car!

Want to know how to maintain  Ecocoat Kenzo, Quartz+, Quartz, Elixir, Poly and EZ like a Pro?

Say no More Fam!

Here’s how you can make the most of your ceramic coating:

  • Keep it dry for at least 24 hours when you get it back. Some coatings may need a cure time of between 2-4 days, depending if you’ve gotten an Awesome Kenzo, or some sweet Quartz+. If you can, keep it indoors too, away from Animals that may imprint their paw prints on the surface while you sleep. 
  • Avoid washing your vehicle with any chemicals for at least 7 days after the coating has been installed. IGL Ecoclean Wash or water is perfectly ok!)
  • Avoid heavy degreasers on the ceramic coatings and use ceramic safe products – like the Ecoclean and Ecoshine Line from IGL Coatings.
  • Keep your Vehicle clean. Either light washing or waterless wash every 2 weeks or whenever dirty.
  • Avoid accumulating dirt and grime on your vehicle.
  • Always dry your car after washing or rinsing. We recommend Ecoshine Enhancer as an excellent drying aid or Ecoclean JenK.O. as a waterless wash.

Check out This Video on How to Protect and Maintain Ceramic Coatings with Jennifer Turcotte!

To keep your car looking brand new, we’re sharing the best guide for your ceramic coating!

The Good List:
  • ✅  Recommended: The 2-bucket wash system is highly recommended.
  • ✅  Recommended: Use pH Neutral Soaps without Waxes in it – like Ecoclean Wash – or a Ceramic Coating safe Snow foam like Ecoclean Blizzard.
    Read more about how to wash here or request for our E-Book on Washing!
  • ✅  Recommended: Microfiber Cloths or Mitts are great and a soft drying towel to wipe off the excess water. Avoid using chamois, magic sponges or rough sponges that may lead to micro-marrings and swirls.
  • ✅  Recommended:  Dry your car immediately after washing, to prevent it from creating waterspots.
  • ✅  Recommended: Washing your car when it gets dirty (including after a light rain after dry spells). Rain water, road water and tap water contain high minerals that will create waterspots on your surface. If only certain areas are wet and you may not want to wash the entire car, its JenK.O to the rescue. Just Spray, Wipe and Go! Works Great as a waterless wash in tight situations.
  • ✅  Recommended: Always rinse and wash off bird poo / insect spatter immediately. Its Acidic nature corrodes the surface easily. A good ceramic coating reduces the  damage on the clear coat, but should always be removed asap.
The Bad List!:
  • ❌  Avoid: Tree Sap – but sometimes trees give the gift of sap to you, so, you’ll want to wash it off or remove it as soon as you can. You’ll want to keep a small handy bottle of Ecoclean Tar in your glove compartment for this!
  • ❌  Avoid: Automated car washes. Here’s top reasons why it’s not the way.
  • ❌  Avoid: Free Washes / community Washes. Support the Charity but not at the expense of your surface!
  • ❌  Avoid: Crazy Ex-Partners that have a history of keying  / spray painting… 
  • ❌  Avoid: Washing in direct heat and sun to avoid waterspots/ watermarks and sun-dried products. If this happens, get your trusty JenK.O. Just Spray, Wipe and Go! For tougher Waterspots (If you’ve left it for longer). You’ll need to get out the big boys – Ecoclean Delete. Safe on Ceramic Coatings. Just remember to rinse off!
  • ❌  Avoid: Claying, Waxing or Polishing the Car if it is coated.

That’s it!

If you’re looking for a step by step image e-book that helps all your washing and decontamination needs- Hit us up at marketing@iglcoatings.com.

For more information on our extensive range of innovative and sustainable coatings and products – visit www.iglcoatings.com for more information. IGL Coatings is a multi award winning, leading brand in North America. Available in more than 50 countries worldwide, get your hands on the latest products  and information now! 




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