You got your ceramic coating and your detailer probably told you not to wash your car for 5-7 days and the week is up and you’re thinking “How do I wash a ceramic coated car?” and “What’s the best ceramic coating wash techniques?”  

Ceramic Coatings isn’t Beskar, we wish! so you’ll still need to clean and protect your car’s paint job while washing your car!

How? We’ve got you covered! Here are the top washing techniques for a great wash on your ceramic coating!

The Top Secret Kung Fu Ceramic Coating Wash Technique!

Source: Kung Fu Hustle

p.s. There really is no secret kung-fu technique to a good car wash. However, Here are some tricks to help with the flow:

Step 01: 

Location Location Location!

Wash your car indoors or away from bright spots! Why? Washing your car under the hot sun does the opposite effect on your car’s paint job, causing white blemishes ~ water spots. Here’s the in-depth story on water spots here.

Step 02:

Choose a dedicated Car Wash soap that is pH Neutral or slightly Alkali.

This removes difficult stains and contaminants. Most soaps or shampoos that are ceramic coating safe – like Ecoclean Wash (pH Neutral) and Ecoclean Blizzard (slightly alkali) contain surfactants that lift and remove contaminants.

Reducing the potential of scratching or causing swirl marks. The pH neutrality ensures that the soap does not damage the coating.

Tip: The allure of finding alternatives that are handy and in your house, like dish wash and laundry detergent, may sound tempting, but you’re doing more harm to your car! Dishwasher detergents are slightly more alkaline and contain degreasers. That’s why grease and oils in our fine china come off easily.

Laundry Detergents, similarly to dishwashers are also high in pH to remove stains in our clothes. Great to remove heavy oils, films, and particulates. These alternatives will eventually dull your paint surface, losing the great shine over time.

Step 03:

Start cleaning your cars from the wheels first. Traditionally, washing your car from top to the wheels will just reintroduce back the dirt and stains you painstakingly tried to scrub off your car.

Tip: Use separate cloths for the bottom (where it’s gritty and greasier) from the top of your car. Also, don’t forget to wring your wash mitt hard every time you rinse it!  Stop using the same mitt if it turns black-ish or grey, they’re probably full of contaminants already. *Yuck*. Swap to a fresh mitt instead.

Step 04: 

Detailing or washing brushes to reach into the smaller cervices of your car.

Use soft bristles instead of hard fibers for this task! Small places like the gaps between the doors, rubber weather stripping, and chassis pillars can be hard to reach with a cloth will be the perfect spots for a brush.

Tip: Old Makeup brushes are a soft, gentle alternative to detailing brushes (but don’t get caught!) It also works great to gently agitate contaminants without damaging the surface. 

That’s just one of the few tips we have to clean your car thoroughly. If you’re looking for more in-depth methods, check it out here!

And voila! Your car and the ceramic coating will be thanking you for doing a service! It’s a lot of effort, but your car will be turning heads everywhere you go for a long time.

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