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You’ll Want ecoclean delete To Tackle Water spots

You’ll Want ecoclean delete To Tackle Water spots

Without the proper protection, water spots have the potential to damage your paint every bit as much as many other troublesome contaminants. The best way to get rid of water spots on your car is through routine care which includes:

  1. Keeping your car clean – this means regular washes and never air drying it
  2. Using a clean soft microfiber towel to dry the surface
  3. Using quality coating with high water contact angles to reduce the occurrence of water spots.

Luckily for you, ecoclean delete is one of the most effective methods in removing those unsightly marks.

How ecoclean delete came to be

ecoclean delete was formulated in early 2016, made available for beta testing mid 2016 and was fully available to detailers and installers at the end of 2016. ecoclean delete is designed to be a specifically engineered cleaner, which has a tough acidic blend that softens the hard minerals such as rain or hard water.

ecoclean delete is commonly used on glass and is safe to be used on coated painted surfaces. This means that ecoclean delete won’t harm your ecocoat KENZOquartz+quartz or poly but instead decontaminates the surface back to its perfect state.

How does ecoclean delete work?

The two main active ingredients in ecoclean delete are a proprietary blend of acids for a synergistic effect to react, dissolve and remove active metals and minerals.

This reaction dissolves and breaks down the water spots, making it easy to wipe away and remove.

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About IGL Coatings

IGL Coatings is the leading manufacturer and formulator of 10H hardness ceramic coatings. Our product range includes multiple surface coatings, cleaning and maintenance for various surfaces including paint, glass, metals, plastic and fabrics. ecocoat KENZO is our flagship 10H coating, suitable for any car for the ultimate paint protection.

Find out more about how IGL Coatings can provide support for your detailing shop & enhance your detailing career at today! We’re also available via [email protected] and +6010 792 9888.