Are you a business owner or detailer looking for the perfect deodoriser to add to your cleaning arsenal? ecoclean air is the perfect tool for your cleaning business when it comes to eliminating funky smell. ecoclean air is extremely versatile. It can be applied onto almost every surface to eliminate foul odors.

Deodorise and refresh musty kitchens, sweaty camping beds, musky living room couches, pet litter smells and everything else your customer needs you to clean up. Here are some of our top ideas for adding revenue with ecoclean air.

Situation 1: Upselling to vehicle owners

Ecoclean Air can be included and upsold to any (automotive, marine, bus, RV, 2×2) detail to remove any unpleasant odours from the seat, carpets and overall interior. If a vehicle or vessel arrives in a not so mint condition and smells like last week’s gym socks, offer a top-up to remove those smells in a quick and efficient way.

Situation 2: Offering ecoclean air for property owners

Sell ecoclean air to solve other smelly problems. If you have repeat or loyal customers that are looking to go beyond just detailing, why not give them a “sniff” of pure air with ecoclean air? If their car reeks of blue cheese, remove them at the cost of a few spritz. Then remind them of how ecoclean air saved the day and that if they would like to prevent future smells from happening, whether from home, or in their car, they can purchase a bottle from you. They will be amazed at the immediate lasting effects and would think of you when they come across any future funky smells.

Situation 3: Bulk purchasing & selling

When you’ve got them interested, hook them in for the big fish. ecoclean air is a retail product that can be sold over the counter. Make that work for you and have a package deal for a better price! For example, if one unit of ecoclean air costs USD35 and you sell it for USD 50, you will only earn USD15 if you sold one bottle. However, if you were to sell 5 bottles at  USD 200 (or alternative a special of buy 4 free 1), you would have made USD60 instead. Everyone loves a good bargain, your customer included.

In addition to increasing your revenues four times (x4), they would share the great and useful deodoriser and odour eliminator to their friends and family who shares the same problems. This means 4 other people now have heard of you and is using a product you sell and will come back to you when their bottle runs out. Just remember to have enough ecoclean air with you!

Situation 4: Pair up with your local businesses

Time to think out of the box for this one. You don’t have to look far for potential business opportunities. Pet societies, shop or groomers, gyms, fitness centres, restaurants are everything your neighbourhood has and are your new customers!

Ecoclean air is perfect for eliminating stale odors from pets including their pungent lingering urine smells that just can’t be removed through cleaning. Pet owners and groomers alike would need to have these as part of their cleaning and maintenance regime.

Ecoclean air is also suitable to battle against the intense sweat drops in gyms and fitness centers. Gym owners are sure to be on the lookout for an easy yet effective solution to their smelly problems. They can even make additional money by stocking up and selling ecoclean air to their members for their socks, shoes, bags and lockers! 

Hate the stale food smells in restaurants and don’t want to “smell” like yesterday’s burrito? Offer ecoclean air to restaurant owners who are looking to air out their premises and are looking forward to having their premises smell fresh, easily and quickly! Spray some on to the curtains, carpets or fabric seats to remove the stale food odors instantly.

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