Every once in a while, your ride deserves a deep and thorough clean. 

A majority of us care so, so much about how our car appears on the outside- nice paint job, smooth surface, and glossy finish. 

But your car’s beauty is more than just skin deep. 

After all, we spend a hefty amount of time cooped up in our cars. From taking short ZZZs and having carpool karaokes to enjoying drive-in movies and dining on wheels- it’s about time to give the insides of your car a deep spring cleaning!

And hence, the interior of your ride is just as important as the exterior and deserves (and needs!) frequent cleaning and maintenance. 

We’re here to tell you all about why it’s important to keep it clean. 

The importance of cleaning your car’s interior 

1. Retain car value 

If you want to get the most value out of the financial investment of your car, you must give all of your willpower to keep it in A1 condition.

One way to keep the value of your automobile from slipping is by ensuring its interior is well-maintained.

2. Prevent & reduce stains

All that swanky hot-looking out-of-the-box ride with custom upgrades (that turn heads as we drive by) wouldn’t look as glorified with patchy polka-dot stained seats, would it? 

Unless that’s the interior look you’re going for when pigs fly. We’re kidding!

Here’s the thing- it takes great effort to remove stains, especially the old ones, that you’d wish to ditch the seats out and get new ones instead. 

Instead of dealing with all that higgledy-piggledy on the seats, we’d recommend you to regularly maintain its cleanliness.

3. Protect upholstery 

The upholstery in your car isn’t only at stake from stains and spills, but lack of interior cleaning and maintenance also puts it at risk. 

Once the stains are too far gone for removers, replacing them may come with a big, big price tag (we’re talking about months worth of Chick-fil-A)

4. Remove allergens 

Do your eyes and nose get watery and runny? Hmm, wonder what that could be *intuitively rubs chin*. 

We hate to break it to you, but it’s probably from all the dust and allergens that have accumulated over the months, or maybe years, from your pigeonholed cleaning plans. 

Now, doesn’t a sniffle-free long ride appeal fine and dandy to you?

Despite all that, keep your head cool. 

Because with a sprinkle of pride, a bit of elbow grease, and a few bucks here and there, we can make your ride’s shabby insides become spick and span.

Let’s get into it!

Interior Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts

1. Do vacuum everything 

car interior cleaning

But before that, get rid of all the empty cans, bottles, and candy wrappers. Your car is no home to flotsam and jetsem. Out-out they go!

Once the junk is discarded, get rid of the loose dust and grime from your carpet, seats, and floorboards with a vacuum. 

For tight spaces or crevices, use a small brush with soft bristles to remove dust in air vents, seat corners, creases, armrests, and all the switches and buttons. 

2. Don’t miss the carpets

It’s bad enough that all your car’s floor mats rarely see anything except dirty shoe bottoms.

And oh, we don’t forget the crumbs of flaming hot Cheetos and spilled stale soda too. The mats definitely take their fair share of beatings on a daily basis.

Ring a bell? 

Your floor mats need more than a rigorous shake of dusting out the grime and dirt. 

If your carpets harbor mold and mildew, it might be tempting to clean them with a mixture of anything involving dish soap, vinegar, and club soda. 

A 5-minute DIY to catastrophe!

We recommend you to use a proper cleaner that cleans, removes stains, and deodorizes (we really recommend Ecoclean Interior). 

3. Do clean surfaces

Dashboards, steering wheel, console, door panels, and jambs- they’re often overlooked in interior cleaning, but they deserve the same amount of love and attention as the rest!

Accidents happen all the time and we totally get it. 

Maybe the sticky streaks and stains on the vinyl surfaces were caused by mishaps of your kids, or your pets, or your friends, or maybe, yours. All the maybes.

Before you clean the stains, make sure you get rid of embedded dust on the surfaces first with a soft-bristled brush.

Using a microfiber cloth, clean and buff every nook and corner of the surfaces to a nice and glossy sheen with Ecoshine Dash.

car interior cleaning

4. Do protect upholstery 

Yes, anything fabric or leather, protect them at all costs!

It’s about time to let out that huge sigh of relief from the constant worries of having drinks and food spilled in your car (we don’t encourage you to eat in your car).

One way to protect them is with *drumrolls* yes, a good coat! 

car interior cleaning

That simple, huh?

Deffo is! And here’s why: coated surfaces will repel any spills that land on them, preventing those pesky stains that can get under your skin from occurring. 

You can use Ecocoat Leather and Fabric to coat your seats, we heard that they’re the best coating in the market *winks*.  

From juicy burger drips and ketchup to sunblocks, they’re just one wipe away, no scrubbing needed!

5. Don’t forget windshield and windows 

Wipe out fingerprints, smudges, and waterspots on your windshield and windows.

Clean windows = clear vision = safe driving

A few spritzes of window cleaning solution do the trick. But remember to not spray it directly onto the glass, too much product can make it hazy. 

Instead, spray it onto a microfibre cloth before cleaning your windows. And remember to use a cleaner that’s safe for interior use, like Ecoclean Glass

6. Don’t put off deep interior cleaning 

Our final piece of advice we have for you is that the interior of your car deserves as much attention as its exterior does. 

Clean spills and stains immediately and avoid putting them off because “no one sees it”. 

We spend big bucks and time in our car. So, it’s important to keep up with its maintenance without having to shell out a bunch of dollars in the process. 

Always remember that a penny saved is a penny earned. 




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