Now who in their right mind would want to scrape up their vehicle paintwork? We’re sure you don’t. So why do you let even the tiniest scratch pile up on your car? This is what we call micro marring and causes your paint to be dull. How does it look like, you ask? Just look below. swirly-marks-micro-marring-black-car Now look at your car. See any similarities? If no, congratulations, your car is safe from micro marring (for now). If yes, you better pay attention because these everyday happening can cause them. So you need to make sure to avoid all these 6 dangers! 1. Tree Sap Did you know that tree sap is actually good? For the trees, that is. But your car is not a tree and you need to make sure you avoid parking too close to one. We know it’s a tempting spot to park under, the shade and all that it provides. But coming back to a car full of sticky sap sure isn’t fun for anyone. car-sap-on-car-will-damage-paint-in-long-term-so-make-sure-to-remove-it-soon How to remove tree sap: Hot, soapy water. Use a soaked clean rag to lift it, especially if it’s been on your car for a while. Using dirty rag will just cause another set of problem so let’s not do that to ourselves and our car. IGL tips: Our detailers have had tree sap sticking over their cars too. And they set to work with IGL Coatings’ products to see which one worked best. They decided that ecoclean precoat works the best. 2. Gas Pump Sometimes when you’re trying to go fast, you’ll spill everything. Even the gasoline at the gas station. Or maybe it overflowed because you’re trying to top off your tank. But there’s just one little problem with this… You’re letting gasoline spill over your car paint. And gasoline will damage your car’s paintwork. gas-spill-on-car-eats-through-wax-and-paint-and-leaves-stain-if-not-washed-immediately How to remove gas spill: Immediately wipe it off and apply a layer of ecocoat premier to protect your paint. This help keeps your paintwork brand new and gives off a shiny slick. 3. Dirty Car Road dust, ash, grit, sand, you name it. Your car has been through everything. So what’s the big deal? Dirt on your car is a huge deal and we’ll tell you why. Dirt buildup acts like a sandpaper onto your car. Leave it on for too long and it will wear down on your paintwork. Wipe it off harshly and you get yourself a nice micro marring. nice-dirt-artwork-but-can-cause-micro-marring-if-you-rub-too-hard-so-always-clean-your-car-before-dirt-builds-up How to remove dirt: Dust off every day. Before you go to work or once you get home from a drive. Then shower your car with love and water to remove any dirt buildup left. IGL tips: Of course, we have products for cleaning too. For when you want to go all out on a car washing day, use ecoclean wash. It’s suitable for cleaning and protecting your car. But if you’re in no mood to get wet, use ecoshine paint. It’s a water-based  spray-on/wipe off cleaner  so you don’t need to use water. 4. Dirty Car Washing Tools So in number 3, we talked about dirty cars. In number 4, we’re going to talk about dirty tools! No matter what you’re using to wash the grime, if it’s dirty, it’ll still scratch your car. How does your tool get dirty? When it falls to the floor and collects bits of grit and sand. So you need to make sure you never drop your rag or cloth. dont-drop-the-soad-or-the-sponge-or-yourself-because-it-will-collect-grit-and-sand-and-you-will-sandpaper-your-car How to prevent dirty tools: Unfortunately there is no other way except to never drop your car washing tools. But if you know you have a bit of a loose grip, keep spares. It’ll save you and your car. 5. Bird Poop Bird dropping is as ugly as it is acidic to your car’s paintwork. It’s possible to make matters worse by scratching the paintwork in the removal process, either by being too aggressive or using the wrong tool. This is thanks to a bird’s diet of seeds. Bird dropping is basically an acidic sandpaper. bird-dropping-poop-is-very-acidic-and-can-destroy-paintwork-always-remove-as-soon-as-possible How to remove bird poop: As with any dropping, always remove as soon as possible before it has time to harden. Use a lifting motion so you don’t scrub your paint. But in case it has harden, just us ecoshine paint. The substance lifts the dropping gently and allows you to get it off in one wipe. 6. Bug Guts Bugs. Bugs everywhere, especially in warmer weathers. No doubt you’ve had the chance of smacking into a swarm before and received some nice trophy in the form of splattered insects all over your car. The gut acid from smashed bugs actually etches into paint. So, clean bugs off as soon as they get on the car – ASAP! bug-gut-is-acidic-and-can-be-as-harmful-as-bird-poop-dropping-so-dont-wait-till-it-hardens-or-your-car-will-have-ugly-marks How to remove bug guts: As soon as you arrive home, pick up the hose and start hosing your car down. If it has hardened, try lifting the debris with a soft sponge. And if the mess just won’t go, it’s time to use ecoclean tar. So how about that? 6 elements you need to avoid for a squeaky clean car. But if avoiding doesn’t work and they still manage to stain your car, you know who to call 😉 IGL Coatings’ provide an extended line of car care products that is suitable for you. Thanks to our REACH compliant products with low VOC, our eco-friendly products are sure to fit each of your car care needs. From cleaning to coating, we have it all. Just visit our website at IGL Coatings today! IGL Coatings have distributors & installers worldwide. 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