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Bleed Out the Rusty Wheels with ecoclean iron

Bleed Out the Rusty Wheels with ecoclean iron

Are you facing the issue of unsightly rust on your car? There are many ways to combat rusting on vehicles, including using fallout removers like ecoclean iron. But first, let’s find out how rust happens!

What causes rust on my car?

Rust happens when iron particles get oxidised. With enough time and exposure, most metal will be reduced to iron oxide – fondly appearing as an eyesore on multiple spots on your car.

Aside from that, what makes these oxidised iron particles harmful to vehicle is the jagged and uneven microscopic edges. This makes it way too easy for the particles cling onto other surfaces. That’s why you’ll see rusting on your wheel. The location of brake calipers allows iron particles from brake dust to cling and accumulate onto the wheel surface.

Fallout removers to the rescue

Fallout removers like ecoclean iron are specifically designed to penetrate metal particles and decontaminate affected surfaces. It’s formulated for cleaning of vehicle paintwork and wheels (closest to brake dust source) to remove the iron deposits without further scratching or marring the surfaces.

How do I decontaminate the iron particles on my wheels?

Only 3 steps are needed to begin decontaminating your wheels and any area affected by brake dust. Here are tips on how to use ecoclean iron to decontaminate:

  1. Rinse the affected surfaces (wheels, body) with water to remove all loose particles such as dirt and grime.
  2. Spray ecoclean iron generously over the surfaces and let dwell for a few minutes. The catalysts in ecoclean iron will identify and react against the iron deposits and turn purple once in contact.
  3. Wash off the now purple ecoclean iron with running water. Remember not to let it dry off!

There you have it, easy peasy. Or you can watch the video below for even better visual on how ecoclean iron works. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel!

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