Date: 23 August 2023
Embargo : For Immediate Release
Contact: Fiona Chin
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Welcoming Bespoke Detail

IGL Coatings, a prominent global provider of sustainable and innovative ceramic coatings, appoints UK IGL Coatings Ltd as the latest Exclusive Distributor of IGL Coatings in United Kingdom. With an impressive history and experience with IGL Coatings’ products, Alex Wood, its founder and CEO, is also the owner of Bespoke Detail and Bespoke Coating Solution catering to the automotive, residential and industrial protective coatings sector based in Edinburgh.

UK IGL Coatings Ltd is all focused to build stronger relationships, emphasizing on effective collaborations with a reinvigorated emphasis on operations optimizations and solution offerings. Wood expressed heartfelt enthusiasm about the company’s potential and the exciting journey ahead.

Speaking about his new role, Wood mentions, “I am confident that IGL has the capacity to offer unparalleled solutions to our accredited users, and I am eager to put new strategies in place aimed at expanding our footprint in the UK market.” He continues, “Together with our accredited detailers, we intend to forge successful new heights, ensuring the continued growth and development of IGL Coatings in the region.”

New Horizons in the Kingdom

In the new appointment, Alex has his sights set on improving supply chain processes, enhancing communication avenues within the automotive care, valeting and detailing network, introducing online educational resources for local network members, and developing and deploying region-specific marketing strategies.

Wood is clear for the new growth that he sees for IGL Coatings in the United Kingdom, eager to tap into new opportunities and the expansion.

Keong Chun Chieh, CEO and Founder of IGL Coatings shared further, “Through the leadership of Alex Wood and with support from his core team members Paul Naisbitt, Jess Walker, Amy Alcorn and Johnny Clarke, the IGL UK Fam will see many positive changes that they will definitely appreciate. We are positive that they will invigorate and refresh the entire market, including expanding into untapped sectors.”

He continues, “It’s great timing, as new additional products to our coatings line are planned in the very near future! An exciting moment for the IGL UK Team and we foresee great achievements to come! The beginnings of a new chapter of growth trajectory.”

About IGL Coatings

IGL Coatings is a global market leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative surface protection solutions. With a strong commitment to research and development, IGL Coatings creates industry-leading coatings that deliver exceptional durability, enhanced aesthetics, and environmental sustainability. Trusted by professionals and enthusiasts worldwide, IGL Coatings is dedicated to revolutionizing the automotive, marine, and industrial sectors with cutting-edge technologies and unparalleled customer support.
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