In conjunction with the 66th National Day celebrations, we at IGL Coatings could not be more thrilled to support our partners Royal Enfield Petaling Jaya and Army Red Warriors as the official Motorbike Coating Partner. The highlight is the stunning acrobatic show orchestrated by the one and only Army Red Warrior Motorcycle Acrobatics team.

An Adrenaline-Fueled Showcase of Excellence

The Army Red Warrior Stunt Team is well-known for their breathtaking performances and exceptional riding skills. They captivated spectators with their extraordinary stunts at this year’s National Day celebrations. As the official coating partner for the team, IGL Coatings takes immense pride in contributing to their success.

Sergeant Saidatul Husna Kamaruddin fearlessly leaped across a mesmerizing 66 Royal Enfield bikes, showcasing her unmatched skills and bravery. This awe-inspiring feat was accomplished atop a striking 250cc Kawasaki Scrambler, adding an extra level of excitement to the already heart-pounding spectacle. The daring stunt paid homage to our nation’s proud 66 years of independence. Symbolizing the indomitable spirit that has propelled us forward as a nation.

Royal Enfield Bikes Leading the Merdeka Parade
Image Credit – Royal Enfield Petaling Jaya & Army Red Warriors

Unmatched Protection for the Red Warriors’ Motorbikes:

IGL Coatings’ products have been specially formulated to provide unmatched protection for motorbikes. Ensuring they withstand the rigorous demands of stunt performances while maintaining their pristine appearance.

Our advanced coatings offer exceptional resistance against scratches, UV rays, chemicals, and environmental pollutants. Providing peace of mind and allowing riders to focus on delivering an unforgettable show.

Behind every fearless rider is a flawlessly coated motorbike, and behind every brilliantly coated motorbike, proudly stands IGL Coatings.

Army Red Warriors' Bike being detailed by our IGL Team

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