Auto Maxima (“IGL Singapore”), Singapore’s leading car care shop with over a decade of expertise in providing exceptional cleaning services to detailers and consumers alike, commemorates the renewal of their distributorship as the exclusive distributor for IGL Coatings’ product line in Singapore.

CEO of IGL Coatings, Keong Chun Chieh mentioned, “IGL Singapore’s decade-long experience and dedication to quality align perfectly with IGL Coatings’ values, and we are confident in achieving far greater heights in Singapore” conveying the strong confidence of the brand in the region.

In celebration of this renewal, IGL Singapore and specially invited Singaporean detailers experienced 2 days at the IGL Coatings headquarters for the “IGL Experience, Elevate & Empower: IGL Singapore x Malaysia”.

During this event, attendees had the opportunity to witness IGL Coating’s impressive manufacturing, quality control, and research and development facilities. Guests actively engaged in the comprehensive process of developing IGL’s innovative range of sustainable automotive solutions. They gained valuable insights into product launches and firsthand experience with the behind-the-scenes production of marketing materials.

Elevate & Empower: IGL Singapore x Malaysia

Participants engaged in an eventful two-day experience, featuring a comprehensive agenda. One of the highlights include showcasing IGL’s commitment to the ISO 9001:2015 manufacturing process, product creation and immeasurable hands-on experiences.

Attendees were excited to test and experience IGL Coatings’ upcoming R&D products. This direct engagement and feedback session holds great importance to IGL Coatings, driving their dedication to innovation and continuous improvement.

Useful and constructive feedback gives IGL Coatings its innovative drive to constantly improve and create better, higher performing, efficient products. This dedication to customer satisfaction also distinguishes IGL Coatings from all other ceramic coating brands in the industry. IGL Coatings continues to prioritise customer satisfaction, being a worldwide surface solutions expert.

About IGL Coatings

IGL Coatings is a global market leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative surface protection solutions. With a strong commitment to research and development, IGL Coatings creates industry-leading coatings that deliver exceptional durability, enhanced aesthetics, and environmental sustainability. Trusted by professionals and enthusiasts worldwide, IGL Coatings is dedicated to revolutionizing the automotive, marine, and industrial sectors with cutting-edge technologies and unparalleled customer support.

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