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Press Release: Supporting Team USA Multi-sport Athlete

Press Release: Supporting Team USA Multi-sport Athlete

Contact: Fiona Chin
Mobile Phone: +6010 792 9888 
Email: [email protected]
Date: March 11th, 2019

Tango Mike Automotive Detailing is honored and proud to support Team USA multi-sport athlete, Rachel Brenke, by providing IGL Coatings ecocoat bike ceramic coating and full detail maintenance program for her professional race bike.

Rachel Brenke has represented the USA on multiple world stages including an NBC Sports feature in the 2018 Ironman World Championships coverage. When not competing or training, Brenke is a local business owner and member of the community. She resides in Fredericksburg, Virginia with her Army veteran husband, five kids and two rescue dogs. In addition to her athletic and career endeavors, she has created a non-profit, Archer’s Advocates, to aid in reformation of animal abuse laws.

Founded in 2015, IGL Coatings became Malaysia’s first Nanoverify Tech-Firm developing low and zero VOC high solid coatings which have expanded to over 40 countries in the industries of automotive, marine, aviation and industrial. Other product ranges manufactured by the company includes ceramic coatings, cleaning and maintenance products for various interior and exterior surfaces such as paint, glass, metals, plastics, and fabrics.

IGL Coatings are looking to forge strategic partnerships and innovative collaborations to expand the use of surface coatings into new and exciting industries. Please contact [email protected] for further details and collaborations ideas.