2022 was a year of learning, excitement, collaborations and so much more!  Here’s the IGL Wrap Up & Highlights of what happened and what’s to come!

As always, IGL Coatings continues to focus on quality, sustainability and most importantly, innovation! And 2022 was no different.

Innovation is all about making ideas happen. 

And creating value from the ideas!

The great thing about innovation is that it appears in almost any and every situation.  From within ourselves, our customers, our family and even, outside of our industry!

This is especially true when we launched Ecocoat Aegis, Armor and our Professional-Sized Essentials. Innovation from the heart of our detailers for better performing products and better value from existing ideas.

Also, IGL Coatings saw HUGE growth in Industrial Solutions with Aegis in 2022. The disruption in the automotive industry created the opportunities in the industrial sector, giving the anti-corrosion solutions  immense opportunities and growth at all levels.

International Billion dollar companies have been asking for Specific Aegis Tests to be conducted and we’re confident with the outcome!

While we are also focusing on growth in different sectors, we were able to introduce 5 new distributors, Japan, Norway, Trinidad & Tobago, Pakistan and Canada this year.

Welcome New IGL Fam! 

But thats not all! Far From it.

2022 saw a new series,  Myth & Facts!

We challenge TikTok Detailing Hacks against actual processes and products. If you missed it, just head on over to our youtube channel for more information!

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And you know its not the IGL Fam, without the IGL Fam! Our Series, Beneath the Surface takes a peek into the lives of our IGL Detailers around the world, sharing their growth and amazing stories.

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What’s in Store for 2023! 

Don’t think we’ve forgotten! We received amazing entries for our Video Contest and will be announcing the winners soon! Watch out for that!

Also, If you’ve been noticing  in 2022, we’ve been busy working with amazing motorcycle brands such as Aprilia, Vespa, Moto Guzzi, Royal Enfield and so much more.

Why? A little bit of Market Research, A little bit of Innovation and a great heaping of hard work.

But! if you’ve been paying close enough attention, you’ll want to be expecting some exciting news in this 2 wheel scene. We won’t disclose what’s coming out just yet, but what we can say is there’s so much more that will be happening!

Since the reopening of borders, we’ve been crazy with Events!

SEMA, Bike Week,  Resorts World highest entertainment city, AirForce One and Many Other memorable Events that are ingrained in our memories.

2023 will definitely be a Challenging But Exciting Year for Every one of us.

And To top it all off, here’s a summary of the IGL Wrap Up of 2022!

P.s. Catch the Video Recap from Keong Right Here:





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