IGL Coatings featured their anti-bacterial coating technology in the latest issue of Asia Pacific Coatings Journal (APCJ). 

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IGL Coatings Featured in Asia Pacific Coatings Journal!
The latest issue of APCJ.

The 2-paged spread discusses the potential of self sanitising solutions for the public and how IGL Coatings has taken a step further for sanitisation and safety by creating Ecocoat Titan. The extract of the article on Ecocoat Titan is shared below

Ecocoat Titan, a clear photocatalytic self-sanitizing coating, actively and effectively deactivates bacteria on surfaces. Operating especially on high-traffic surfaces, Titan works to sanitize and disable pathogenic substances by incorporating titanium dioxide (TiO2). Notably, TiO2, a recognized photocatalyst, activates in sunlight, splitting water into a highly reactive radical substance that readily reacts with any organic pollutants on the surface. This proven technology efficiently combats pathogens, stains, and odors, subsequently reducing maintenance and constant sanitation costs and time.

Moreover, IGL Coatings aims to further improve Ecocoat Titan in various aspects, with a specific focus on enhancing performance and functionality. Prioritizing safety and public benefits, IGL Coatings continually sources sustainable materials to uphold environmental responsibility and innovation in coating solutions

About IGL Coatings

IGL Coatings, established in 2015, swiftly emerged as a leading name in the global automotive detailing industry. Originating from Malaysia, IGL’s widespread success stems from its unwavering focus on innovation, sustainability, customer satisfaction, and technological advancements.

IGL Coatings is a global market leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative surface protection solutions. With a strong commitment to research and development. IGL Coatings creates industry-leading coatings that deliver exceptional durability, enhanced aesthetics, and environmental sustainability. Trusted by professionals and enthusiasts worldwide. IGL Coatings is dedicated to revolutionizing the automotive, marine, and industrial sectors with cutting-edge technologies and unparalleled customer support.

For more information about IGL Coatings and their range of automotive and marine products, please visit www.iglcoatings.com. Alternatively, you can email us at marketing@iglcoatings.com.





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