IGL Coatings in Support of Plasticbank to Stop Ocean Plastic

Plastic Bank is an organization who’s mission is to stop ocean plastic by gathering a billion people together to monetize waste while improving lives. Plastic Bank is a root cause solution to prevent the flow of plastic into our oceans.

Plastic Bank is globally recognized as one of the most important solutions to stop ocean plastic.

IGL Coatings proudly supports and joins Plastic Bank’s revolution to stop ocean plastic while reducing global poverty. Through their initiatives supported by organization and individuals worldwide, Plastic Bank enables entrepreneurs in developing countries to recycle and collect plastic with a liveable wage.

One of their key initiatives is to make plastic valuable enough to encourage the collection and recycling of plastic from making it into the oceans. This is made possible by encouraging users worldwide to support their pledge and being plastic neutral.

It is estimated that an average person consumes about 84 kg of plastic per year. Every Plastic Neutral contribution, starting at only $44 USD per year, ensures the recovery of an equivalent or greater amount of ocean-bound plastic within the Social Plastic Ecosystem.

IGL Coatings is proud to support the Plastic Bank Plastic Neutral campaign that supports not only the recycling campaign, but the ecosystem that supports the recycling processes. If you would like to support Plastic Bank and their initiatives, simply head on to their website at PlasticBank.com to learn more about them and their mission and vision.

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