IGL Coatings Abrasive System Now Has Increased Cutting Power & Reduced Dusting

Continuing the road to SEMA Show 2019 with more good news, we’re excited to announce the improved formulations of IGL Coatings abrasive system. Through detailer feedback and suggestions, IGL R&D team have worked on creating better formulations for ecoshine compound f1, ecoshine polish f2 and ecoshine finish f3.

The abrasive system that consist of ecoshine compound f1, ecoshine polish f2 and ecoshine finish f3 was launched in 2017 and are available for purchase through local distributors. With an extensive 2 years research before launch, the abrasive system was inspired by our popular product, ecoclean glass+, that has mild abrasion to remove waterspots.

Taking into consideration the technical usage of abrasives, there are multiple significant benefits that you can now experience from the improved formulations. IGL Coatings abrasive system has been updated with formulations that increase efficiency, increase cutting and reduce dusting, among the many other benefits. Paint correction and surface levelling can now be achieved with less hassle.

You can find detailed improvements listed below for the respective abrasive products.

These latest formulations are already in the market so you should be experiencing the improved usage. And if you haven’t tried the IGL Coatings abrasive system, contact your nearest distributor today at https://iglcoatings.com/contact/ or email us at [email protected].

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