15th May 2024 – IGL Coatings announces of its second wave of uniquely sustainable ecofriendly detailing products for marine. The launch builds on their success of their Marine Solutions series which was launched July 2023. This second launch introduces several innovative products, expanding their commitment to the marine industry with advanced, sustainable marine solutions.

Innovative Solutions for Marine Excellence

IGL Coatings continues to lead with innovation and sustainability, introducing products that are tailor-made for marine detailing. These new offerings complement the already successful Marine ceramic coating, addressing more comprehensive needs of boating enthusiasts and professionals.

In 2023, IGL Coatings introduced everyday marine staples like the every popular marine ceramic coating, waterspot remover, mold stain removers and more. This Marine launch adds to the great line-up, offering a variety of cleaner options from an established and reputable brand.

Our new products are a result of continuous research and development in marine care, aiming to provide our customers with a complete range of solutions that tackles everyday challenges faced in marine maintenance” said Keong Chun Chieh, Managing Director and CEO of IGL Coatings.

8 New Marine Solutions Product from IGL!

IGL’s Second Wave introduces 4 protective coatings for Wood, Glass, Fabrics and Leathers. Also including highly demanded products – water spot removers for glass, deodorisers, glass cleaners and a bio-degradable boat shampoo.

Diving Deeper with New Product Additions to the Marine Industry

The newly launched products are formulated to enhance the maintenance and preservation of marine vehicles:

Image shows full lineup of IGL Coatings' new Marine Launch - Glass Guard, Leather Guard, Teak Guard, Deodoriser, Spot Free, Clarity and Boat Shampoo
the full line of IGL Coatings’ Marine Launch of the addition to the series, providing a complete solution to all.
  • Deodoriser: Neutralizes odors for a fresher marine interior.
  • Clarity: Ensures crystal-clear visibility on glass and mirror surfaces.
  • Fabric Guard: Provides robust water and stain protection for fabrics while maintaining their texture and color.
  • Spot Free: Effectively removes tough spots from marine surfaces without damage.
  • Window: Keeps windows clear with a specially formulated cleaning agent.
  • Leather Guard: Offers comprehensive protection for marine leather against the elements.
  • Teak Guard: Enhances and preserves the natural beauty of teak decks and furniture.
  • Boat Shampoo: Cleans effectively, removing salt, grime, and environmental contaminants from all boat surfaces.

The Future of Green and Clean Tech for Marine

PFAS represents a group of synthetic chemicals extensively employed in various industrial and consumer products recognized for their non-stick abilities. Noting the increased dangers of PFAS, more regulatory bodies are restricting the use of PFAS, safeguarding human health.

In April 2024, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized a critical rule to designate two widely used PFAS; PFOA and PFOS, as hazardous substances under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act.

Additionally, the EPA has issued a separate policy that focuses on enforcement on parties who significantly contributes to the release of PFAS chemicals into the environment.

IGL Coatings continues to align their goals and emphasis on sustainability.

Leading towards greener technologies such as silicone-based resin technology. Which is employed extensively in the Marine Solutions ensuring a better and safer user experience.  Unlike fluoropolymers, these silicone-based coatings exhibit hydrophobic and stain repellent properties. Providing a better profile! More information on PFAS and our greener formulas here.

A Commitment to Sustainability and Excellence

IGL Coatings reinforces its commitment to eco-friendly products, ensuring that the new additions are REACH compliant and free from heavy metals. “We are dedicated to providing products that not only excel in performance but also protect our customers and the planet,” added Keong.

The extensive Marine Solutions range meets the growing demand for safer, better products and safer ingredients, especially on the seas. With regulatory bodies tightening their codes and standards, manufacturers and seafarers alike are making the necessary changes for a cleaner, greener future. 

Focused on sustainable, bio-degradable ingredients, the Marine Solutions series is one of IGL’s greenest products yet.

The new Marine Solutions products are now available for purchase. For more information and to locate your nearest distributor, please visit the Marine Solutions page at https://iglcoatings.com/pages/marine or contact [email protected].

About IGL Coatings

IGL Coatings is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of cutting-edge surface protection technology. Specializing in the automotive, marine, and industrial sectors, IGL Coatings is committed to delivering innovative products that offer exceptional performance and environmental sustainability. Trusted worldwide, IGL Coatings aims to revolutionize industry standards with unmatched quality and support.

IGL Coatings stands as a testament to Malaysian ingenuity and excellence. Our export success, commitment to sustainability, and contributions to the local economy mark us as a beacon of Malaysian success in the foreign-dominated ceramic coating automotive industry.

For more information about our products, services, and partnerships, please visit our website iglcoatings.com.

Date: 15 May 2024
Embargo : For Immediate Release
Contact: Fiona Chin
[email protected]




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