Saraland, AL, 3 May 2024 — IGL Coatings, a pioneering force in the automotive detailing industry, announces a significant transition in ownership and leadership in its distributor, IGL Coatings USA. Effective 15 May 2024, the reins of the company passes from Joel LaPalme and Jeff Kary, to the capable hands of Mike Karlen and Dustin Jackson.

Under the stewardship of Joel LaPalme and Jeff Kary, IGL Coatings USA rose to prominence as one of the foremost automotive detailing brands in the country. With their most recent accolade of achieving Detail Supplier of the Year from the International Detailing Association (IDA).  Their dedication and vision propelled the brand to nationwide recognition, fostering a community of over 3,000 installers and establishing the enduring concept of the “IGL Family” and the successful mentorship program.

Keong Chun Chieh, founder of IGL Coatings, expresses gratitude to LaPalme and Kary for their invaluable contributions, sharing warm and fond memories of growing the brand together. He further extends a warm welcome to Karlen and Jackson as they steer the company into 2024 and beyond.

Building in the IGL Dream

When LaPalme and Kary approached Keong to represent the US in 2016, they  had great dreams about where they would bring the brand. They immediately set up a distribution center, ensuring that customers received their products in a timely manner.

Through IGL Coatings, the duo focused on building sustainable businesses, successful detailers, while always focused on giving back to the community. Successfully growing the brand to what it is today, with their latest win for IDA Detail Supplier of the Year.

A Perfect Flawless Finish

Joel LaPalme, President of IGL Coatings USA  added,  “It’s been one heck of a journey but definitely an unforgettable one. We’re proud to be able to stand tall as one of the major brands in the United States.”

He continues, “It’s also amazing that to say that we’ve travelled all across the globe to visit the HQ in Malaysia. Especially witnessing how the coatings and manufactured and researched.

Both added, “We enjoyed experiencing Malaysian durians (the Musang King), the wonders of Batu Caves and Genting Highlands. A highlight during our distributor visit to the IGL Coatings Headquarters in Shah Alam.”

Jeff Kary, Vice President  of IGL Coatings USA shares, “The brand, company and people are entrusted to great people. We can’t think of any two other individuals who share our passion and dedication. The new distributor embody the essence of what it means to be IGL Family. We’re immensely proud to be able to pass on the torch to these amazing individuals. We wish them the best and know that we’re always here for them, if they need us!”

The New Distributor and Owner of IGL Coatings USA

Mike Karlen, who joined IGL Coatings USA in 2022, brings brings over 20 years of experience in the detailing industry as a shop owner/operator with more than 5 years in product sales. Mike possesses the knowledge and proficiency to guide IGL customers in product procurement and installation. He adopts a hands-on approach when conducting training and emphasizes the technical aspects of detailing.

Moreover, Mike has over two decades of management experience, overseeing hundreds of employees directly. As he navigates this transition, he will bring his extensive background and enthusiasm to enhance the customer experience.

Dustin Jackson blends over 10 years of experience in the detailing industry with his 25 years of business ownership expertise, offering customers a distinctly business-focused perspective.

With a natural entrepreneurial spirit, Jackson is adept at “riding the wave” of industry trends. Providing IGL installers with invaluable insights. A focus on education is paramount in his approach, with a particular emphasis on mastering the numbers aspect of business operations.

Having successfully nurtured a software company, Jackson holds extensive knowledge in pricing strategies and detailing business structures. The dynamic combination of Karlen’s and Jackson’s skill sets promises to deliver a harmonious balance of business acumen and operational implementation for IGL customers.

The American Automotive Aftermarket Detailing Industry

Both Karlen and Jackson shares, “As the new distributor, we’re eager to lead the brand into its next phase of growth and innovation. Building on the strong foundation left by Joel and Jeff, we continue our passion to drive excellence, delivering unparalleled value to our customers.”

This move will include the distributorship, warehousing, trainings and sales of the products, both offline and online. The younger pair have plans to expand a deeper reach across the country.  

The automotive detailing market in the US alone is valued at $14.7 billion as of 2022, with continued growth projected. Despite economic uncertainties, the industry remains robust, with a projected CAGR of 5.1% through the current period.

Keong mentions, “The new distributor for IGL USA is ready for a dynamic new chapter. Marked by innovative product launches, engaging marketing campaigns, comprehensive training initiatives, and industry-leading activities. Mike and Dustin are driven and dynamic personalities and I am certain they will bring new excitement to the brand.

About IGL Coatings

IGL Coatings is a global market leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative surface protection solutions. With a strong commitment to research and development, IGL Coatings creates industry-leading coatings. Delivering exceptional durability, enhanced aesthetics, and environmental sustainability. Trusted by professionals and enthusiasts worldwide. IGL Coatings is dedicated to revolutionising the automotivemarine, and industrial sectors with cutting-edge technologies and unparalleled customer support.




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