How abrasive is pollen on my car’s surface? Can dry pollen destroy my clear coat?

Beyond its role in sustaining plant life and the ecosystem, pollen can be a challenge. Especially to passionate car owners. While supporting the life cycle, its impact on car surfaces is often underestimated. Here we delve into the lesser-known components of dry pollen and its persistent adhesion to various car parts.

The Damage to Cars Caused by Pollen

Is pollen a contaminant that can damage my car’s exterior? Yes! Natural contaminants like bug splatters, bird droppings, tree sap, and pollen can all contaminate a car’s exterior. The common denominator driving dry pollen’s damage lies in its acidic composition, a characteristic of pollen.

Upon bonding with the paint surface, pollen starts a corrosive process. As it dissolves, it releases acidic compounds that gradually eat away at the clear coat. Quick similar to the effects of bird droppings.

Additionally, in contact with water, pollen’s abrasive contaminants accelerates the deterioration of your car’s surface.

Different Ways Dry Pollen Can Damage Your Car

Dry pollen can inflict several forms of damage on your car such as:

  • etching or burning into the clear coating;
  • breaking down the clear coat; and
  • leaving stubborn stains on both the clear coat and plastic trim.
Dry pollen contaminating your car's paint and windows.

Pollen is Acidic or Alkali?

Dry pollen contains highly acidic compounds that initiate to burn into plastic trims, clear coatings, and other polymer materials like headlights or taillight covers within a matter of days after getting on the car.

Under the microscope, pollen has tiny hooks. Little spikes help pollen to grab onto your car more easily. Making removals a little bit harder, and making micro scratches that much easier.

Once it adheres to the paint surface, it initiates a process of dissolution. As these particles break down, they release acidic compounds, similar to the effects of bird droppings, which gradually corrode the clear coat. When pollen’s protective layer is compromised, the acidic elements swiftly intensify their damaging effects on the vehicle. The introduction of water, such as through rain, dew, or mist, can expedite this process of contamination.

The four sorts of pollen that will contaminate your car

How To Deal With Dry Pollen On Your Car

Applying The Two-Bucket Method

We solve the pollen on the surface problem through proper washing techniques. The recommended approach is pre-wash treatment and the two-bucket method. A trusted tradition handed down by ol’ detailers since the beginning of time.

To learn how to properly use the two-bucket method for the removal of the contaminants, check out the blog about ‘the two-bucket wash method explained’ to understand what steps to undertake to optimize the pollen removal process.

The two-bucket method illustrated

What’s A Pre-Wash

Why is a pre-wash necessary? This step helps remove the bulk of contaminants, lifts contaminants and gives the added lubricant needed to reduce micro scratches.

Now, pre-washing is a technique that uses a foam gun that is attached to a normal spray nozzle of a garden hose. For those with high-pressure washers, you can use a foam cannon to accomplish the same task.

The most efficient pre-washing process:

  1. Begin by thoroughly rinsing the entire car with fresh water to eliminate surface debris.
  2. Prepare the Foam Gun/Cannon by filling it with IGL Coatings’ high-quality foam, and wax-free automotive car Ecoclean Blizzard shampoo with high-performing capabilities.
  3. Apply the shampoo solution to the car’s surface using the Foam Gun/Cannon. Allow the foam to dwell for 3 to 5 minutes, avoiding direct sunlight. This helps to dislodge stubborn pollen, facilitating easier cleaning.
  4. Rinse the car thoroughly with fresh water using a spray nozzle or high-pressure washer to remove the loosened pollen and soap residue.

Would like to read more about the most efficient pre-washing process? Read the blog written by Somengil on June 23, 2023.

The best foam wash is IGL Coatings’ Ecoclean Blizzard! This luscious foaming shampoo is designed to be used for pre-washing your car without causing marring on the surface. Blizzard’s rich and thick pre-wash foam adheres to the dirt for a longer time and therefore is ideal for deep cleansing your car to remove all contaminants.

Drying your Car

Use a dry and clean microfibre towel, wipe down any wet spots on the car’s surface. To optimize your car’s drying process, we suggest using the Ecoshine Enhancer as a drying aid. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to clean up all the wet spots instantly. Also, Ecoshine Enhancer increases the hydrophobicity and makes your car less attractive to pollen! 😉

A Sprayable Handy Coating

For that extra pop! Take the extra step and protect your car from more pollen catastrophe. A top up layer of Ecocoat Premier gives you extra protection and hydrophobicity for up to 6 months! It is highly efficient and produces immediate and impactful results on the coated surface. Ecocoat Premier is a non-smearing, non-yellowing, intense high gloss, high slick, dirt-repelling spray coating!

Explained how Ecocoat Premier works

Understanding the perils of pollen and implementing effective cleaning and protective measures is essential for preserving your car’s exterior. With IGL Coatings’ innovative products, you can guard your vehicle to resolve pollen and other contaminants to achieve optimal satisfaction while driving in your car!

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