These polishing hacks professionals do not want you to know!

Professionals follow certain polishing hacks to achieve that gorgeous surface gloss. Today we will cover some of those polishing hacks in order for you to get your polishing game on point!

Why polish your car?

A clean car is essential for better driving experience. Having a clean exterior makes your car look better and gives a feeling of confidence. Glossy exterior on your vehicle makes you look forward to your future rides.

Polishing is useful to remove any swirl marks or light scratching on the paint surface.

These Top 5 polishing hacks will take you from zero to hero!

P.s. For more in-depth visual representation on polishing we recommend you to watch Danny Deets’ guide: 

1. Choosing the right product

Polishing is careful work which can damage your paint if not done correctly or if you are using the wrong products.  It is all about using the correct products the right way!

It is important to choose the right products for polishing

Depending on your severity of swirl marks and scratches, options differ. For heavy scratches and swirl marks, we recommend using the merino wool polishing pad with Ecoshine compound F1, and for a finisher we recommend to use the Ecoshine Finish F3 which we recommend using soft pads to leave a mirror glaze on the surface.

Check out Ecoshine Compound F1 here: Ecoshine Compund F1

And Ecoshine Finish F3 here: Ecoshine F3

For medium severe swirl marks and scratches or failing paint, we recommend using the Ecoshine polish F2 combined with Ecoshine Finish F3 as a finisher. For effective results, we recommend using our yellow medium polishing pad.

Check out the yellow medium polishing pad: Yellow Medium Polishing Pad

2. Pre-cleaning the car before polishing

The first step before polishing your car is to remove the excess mud, dirt and stains and decontaminants in order to achieve great polishing results.

For the pre-cleaning process, IGL Coatings suggests the use of our zero VOC Ecoclean Wash,  which provides sufficient lubrication and cleans deeply the unwanted surfactant dirt and maintains the cleanliness of the car for longer durations. Ecoclean Wash is a safe product and it will not damage your paintwork. Ecoclean Blizzard is also an effective super foamy alternative to Ecoclean wash. We recommend using Blizzard if you prefer a foamy wash with more alkaline and slightly higher pH-value (9).

Check out Ecoclean Blizzard: Ecoclean Blizzard

Check out Ecoclean Wash: Ecoclean Wash

For the removal of contaminants, we suggest using the Ecoclean Wash with a clay towel which brings the same attributes as a clay bar would, but makes the process easier and more comfortable. This combination brings powerful results without the risk of damaging your paintwork. Please refer to our blog about claying before polishing from the link down below:

Claying Before Compounding, The Art Of

3. Move slowly, one section at time

Focus on one section at a time. Avoid rushing as it may lead to unfinished polishing on some parts of the car. The polisher should be spread thinly and it should leave a white haze on the surface. Each section should take around 5 to 20 minutes until it looks nice and you are confident with the result. You can watch an example how our Ecoshine Polish F2 is applied down below:

How to Apply: IGL Coatings Ecoshine Polish F2

4. Removal of oils

After polishing to make sure that they get rid of the oils that some polisher compounds leave behind. Removing oils from the surface is important because oils can affect the aesthetic look of your paintwork negatively and when the oil heats up due to sunlight for example, it can create a sticky effect on the surface. Removal of oils is also important if  you wish to coat your car oils on the surface decrease the effectiveness of your coating application. For the removal of oils, we recommend using our ecoclean precoat which we recommend to use after polishing and before coating.

Check out Ecoclean precoat here: Ecoclean precoat

After removal of oils, we suggest further protection with our ceramic coatings. Protecting the surface with our ceramic coating brings benefits such as increase in the hardness of the surface, self-cleaning features, adds a hydrophobic effect and gives the surface a silky smoothing look.

Read our blog how ceramic coating protects your car for more information:

5. Coat your car

Depending on the qualities that you want from ceramic coatings, products differ. We do however recommend our bestsellers Ecocoat Kenzo or Quartz+  for the best protection and longest durability. Check out our bestsellers down below:

ecocoat Kenzo

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That’s it for today, I hope you learned something new from the blog post. Until next time 😉!

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