Looking at the best ways and tips to apply Ceramic Coatings on Vinyl Wraps? Look no further. Here’s the Do’s and Don’ts!

The Do’s of Ceramic Coatings on Vinyl Wraps:

  1. Clean surfaces –

    Ensure that the surface of the vinyl wrap are cleaned thoroughly before applying the ceramic coating. This includes removing any dirt, grime, oil, or other contaminants from the surface of the wrap.
    Tip: Best Ways to clean include a good old fashioned Wash and Dry (Check out Ecoclean Wash or Ecoclean Blizzard for a great wash), followed by a surface prep like Ecoclean Precoat.

  2. Follow instructions –

    Instructions are key! or if you want a shortcut,  attend a training! on applying the ceramic coating, including the recommended drying and curing time. Don’t forget humidity levels as well as flash times!
    Tip: Download Ecocoat Shield’s TDS right here. Providing you the key information such as how quickly you should buff off the product before it flashes and temperature guidance.
    Expert Tip: Work on sections to prevent uneven application or accidents of high spots. Unlike paint which can be corrected if a ceramic coating goes wonky, the vinyl will need to be removed! AND Always Test Spot in an inconspicuous (not so obvious) area before starting on the biggest area!

  3. Quality Products –

    Use a high quality ceramic coatings that is specifically designed for use on vinyl wraps. Using a wrong ceramic coating can cause it to prematurely peel, crack or fade. For best results, use a dedicated ceramic coating for vinyl wraps like IGL Coating’s Ecocoat Shield. Formulated with graphene nanotechnology, Ecocoat Shield protects against UV, and premature fading. Great hydrophobics and ease of maintenance makes Ecocoat Shield one of the best ceramic coatings for vinyls in the market! Click here for how the expert tips on applying ecocoat shield.
    Expert Tip: Do a test spot with your customer on the expectations of how the ceramic coating will look like on the vinyl. Some customers may have different expectations, or the surface reacts unexpectedly to the customer’s (or you!) surprise. Managing expectations help customers make better decisions, appreciating you and your expertise!

  4. Controlled Environment –

    Apply the ceramic coating in a controlled environment, such as a garage or workshop, where the temperature and humidity levels can be maintained. This helps to control the variables such as flash times, contaminants (like dust or pollen that may fall on the ceramic coating causing it to be unsightly) or rain!

Accessorise! –

  1. Use a soft, lint-free ceramic coating application cloth to apply the ceramic coating in a thin, even layer and buff off. Repeat as required.
    Tip: Ensure sufficient product is used, not being heavy handed (which may cause potential high spots) or being too light, having little or no protection at all.
    Expert Tip: Remember to buff off or level the ceramic coating to prevent high spots.
  2. Patience –

    Wait the recommended amount of time before exposing the wrap to water or other elements. Aftercare is just as important as applying  a ceramic coating. Keep in mind how to care and maintain your ceramic coating too! Want the Free E-book on ceramic coating maintenance? Download Now! 

The Don’ts: 

  1. Don’t apply ceramic coating in direct sunlight or in high heat conditions.
  2. Don’t apply the ceramic coating to a dirty or contaminated wrap, as this can negatively impact the performance of the coating. Failure of the ceramic coating to adhere to the surface (due to contaminants) will cause premature failing.
  3. Don’t over-apply the ceramic coating, as this can cause high spots, rainbow effect, streaks and other problems!
  4. Don’t use abrasive cleaning products or harsh chemicals on the vinyl wrap after applying the ceramic coating, as this can cause damage to the coating. You’ll want to wash it with ceramic coating friendly soaps and cleaners such as Ecoclean Blizzard or Ecoclean Wash. Waterless Washes like Ecoclean AIO Spray or Quick Detailers like Ecoclean Jen KO are suitable too!
  5. Don’t expose the wrap to extreme temperatures or high humidity levels for an extended period of time, as this can negatively impact the performance of the ceramic coating.

With these “Do’s and Don’ts,” you can be an expert installer too! We’re kidding! It takes practice and skill. But practice Makes perfect and there’s no better time to start than now!

If you’re looking for access to Ecocoat Shield or want to join the IGL Family, come and reach out to us! We’re in more than 50 countries worldwide and is growing day by day.




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