Hello, fellow detailers!

Summer is upon us, and along with it comes the joyful road trips and holiday getaways. But there’s a little summer secret: those sizzling rays aren’t just tough on skin but also on a car’s paint job. So, how do we keep our clients’ cars looking shiny and new in the heat? No worries, IGL Coatings has got us covered! Here’s the rundown on keeping those vehicles glossy all season long.

1. Persistence is Key: Regular Cleaning

First off, let’s talk about routine clean-ups. Over time, grime, dust, and other pesky particles love to hang out on the car surface. Stubborn stowaways can start to bond with the paint, spoiling the finish. Therefore, a bath every fortnight or so is a good plan of action to ward off these unwanted guests.

IGL Coatings’ ecoclean blizzard and ecoclean wash is our trusty sidekick here. Our ceramic coating safe shampoos are here to ward off any grime and dirt from all the partying. Don’t forget to utilize the two bucket wash method no prevent any scratches or marring on your precious vehicles.

Car being covered in prewash foamy shampoo, ecoclean blizzard to wash out any grime

2. Act Fast: Quick Scratch Fixes

Regardless of how careful we are, those darn scratches can sneak in and ruin our perfect paint job. Although small, they’re quite visible and rob the paint of its shine. Luckily, with IGL Coatings’ Ecoshine series with diminishing and non-diminishing options, the problem gets sorted. It’s a pro at kicking out those minor surface defects and restoring that sparkle we all love.

Man polishing and keeping the car looking shiny and flawless

3. Keep it Cool: Avoid Sun Exposure

The summer sun and a car’s paint job aren’t exactly the best pals. UV rays can fade your clients’ paintwork, leaving it dull. When it comes to parking, it’s best to opt for shady spots, maybe a handy garage or any available shade can do the trick.

A luxury car parked under a shade in the summer heat to prevent excessive UV exposure

4. Don’t Underestimate Droppings, Bugs and Pollen

Believe it or not, bird droppings, bugs, and pollen are the uninvited summer guests that love to wreak havoc on car paint. They might look harmless, but they’re secretly corrosive artists. IGL Coatings’ ecoclean series comes to our rescue, effectively eliminating these threats and maintaining that lustrous sheen.

Car covered in bird droppings that can damage the car's paint

5. Bring in the Big Guns: Expert Assistance

More often than not, we come across challenges like deep-rooted stains and scratches that require expert hands. It’s always a smart move to bring in specialists for such tasks. Our faithful companions at IGL Coatings will strive to offer unmatched quality products for your clients’ cars, helping regain that brand-new lustre.

In short, team up with IGL Coatings to keep your clients’ cars looking fresh and gleaming throughout the hottest season. Let’s enjoy the summer sun and leave the sweating to IGL Coatings!

Man polishing car getting rid of any scratches

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