Why Industrial Coatings in Manufacturing?

What are Industrial Ceramic Coatings? Are they beneficial to your company and how can it create better value for your customers and their businesses, so that you can increase your bottom line?

Industrial Coatings are coatings that are mainly used for the protection and prolonging the life and usability of machineries, buildings and surfaces in businesses. These are mainly factories, farms, equipment that see high corrosive damage or wear and tear.

Business owners are looking to spend big to save even bigger. Instead of spending a fortune in replacements, they reduce their replacement costs with better maintenance and protection. And these are where industrial coatings come into play.

Cost Savings Through Maintenance Reduction

IGL Coatings’ Aegis and Eclipse products are prime examples of how advanced coatings can reduce maintenance needs. Aegis, with its graphene-reinforced, epoxy hybrid resin-based solution, offers clear anti-corrosion protection for highly corrosive environments (C5). This innovation not only extends the service life of assets but also allows for early detection of corrosion, potentially saving on costly repairs. Similarly, Ecocoat Eclipse offers a simple and effective protective layer against chemical agents, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and cleaning.

Improving Product Efficiency and Performance

Ecocoat Armor, reinforced with graphene nanotubes, exemplifies the efficiency and performance boost provided by industrial coatings. By making surfaces more impact and scratch-resistant, Armor reduces the energy and resources needed for repairs and replacements, contributing to higher overall output and performance of machinery and equipment.

Enhancing Aesthetic Appeal and Brand Image

Ecocoat Fabric extends the role of industrial coatings into aesthetic enhancement and brand reinforcement. Breathable, transparent, liquid-repellent coating that maintains the original appearance and texture of textiles and fabrics. Ensuring that products, from car interiors to outdoor furniture, remain visually appealing and aligned with brand standards.

Compliance and Environmental Benefits

All IGL Coatings products emphasize sustainability. Ecocoat Wood, for example, is a zero VOC, water-based coating for wood surfaces, demonstrate the company’s commitment to sustainable practices. Aligning with the growing consumer demand for environmentally responsible products, enhancing a company’s market position through green innovation.

Application of ecocoat wood, a wood coating that allows the wood to be hydrophobic while maintaining the original look and feel of the wood

Industrial Coatings and Worker Safety

The safety benefits of IGL Coatings’ products are implicit in their protective qualities. By resisting extreme conditions such as UV radiation, corrosion, and abrasion, these coatings contribute to safer work environments. Products like Aegis and Armor ensure that machinery and surfaces are not only more durable but also safer to handle and operate.

Protective properties of ecocoat armor being able to resist cracking after collision or abrasion. left side of the image shows an uncoated panel which demonstrated cracking in the paint vs no cracking in the panel coated with armor

Innovations in Industrial Coatings

IGL Coatings is at the forefront of innovation in the industrial coatings sector. Each product, from Aegis to Eclipse, represents a step forward in the development of coatings that meet specific industry challenges. Their use of advanced materials like graphene and commitment to eco-friendly formulations position IGL Coatings as a leader in the field, ready to address future trends and requirements.

Choosing the Right Industrial Coating for Your Business

Having the diversity in our product lineup underscores the importance of selecting the right industrial coating for specific business needs. Whether protecting against corrosion in harsh environments, enhancing the durability of textiles, or safeguarding wood surfaces, IGL Coatings offers tailored solutions that deliver significant benefits.

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