Looking for a better 2024? Feeling like you’re stuck in reverse, in need of a bit of luck to shift gears? Look no further! Good Luck Shampoo is here to turbocharge your fortunes giving you and your car the lucky shine it deserves!

In a time when bad vibes seem to be around every corner. The Good Luck Shampoo emerges as a shining knight in armor of positivity. Luckily formulated to wash away the bad mojo clinging to your vehicle and your life.

Time to Throw that Crystals Away!

Your lucky cleansing crystals ain’t got nothing against this wash! This magical shampoo is designed with one goal: to cleanse your car and your spirit from bad vibes. Safeguard your vehicle with good fortune and protective energy now!

As we roll into spring, forget about the dark past and the curses . GLS is your first step towards a season filled with smooth drives and green lights, all the way.

Say goodbye to the bad vibes of yesteryears and welcome the freshness of spring with open arms. Good Luck Shampoo is a ritual for renewal, a potion for luck and a guardian against the unknown. The catalyst that drives away the misfortunes of 2024, inviting prosperity, protection and positivity into your journey that is life. Start your engine, embrace the magic and let the good times roll with every wash.

Green, Luxurious, Sustainable – Magic In A Bottle

The heart of Good Luck Shampoo is powerful, specifically designed to infuse your vehicle with elements of luck and protection. Here’s how the magic works!

  • Four Leaf Clover: These rare finds more than just symbols of luck! Four leaf clovers offer protection and good fortune. Made with the freshest four leaf clovers, the Good Luck Shampoo shines with confidence. Guiding all misfortune in all directions except yours!
  • Essence of Gold Coins: Gold continues its age old tradition of prosperity and wealth. We’ve extracted the essence of gold to bring in financial success and luxury in every wash. Washing away the bad fortunes, attracting wealth, success and prosperity. It’s all within a Wash!
  • Charmed with Horse Shoe Blessings: A talisman for good luck, a horseshoe wards against evil spirits. A great talisman for great beginnings and protection and a safe ride.
  • Touch of the Prosperity Cat: Lucky Cat is known for generations to bring good luck and fortune. To all that seek it! Adorned in shrines, temples, businesses and homes, these cats gently welcomes in fortune, inviting peace. Granting peace and happiness into every journey.

Each ingredient and blend makes the Good Luck Shampoo a potion of luck for you and your vehicle. A magical mix for a superior clean and an aura of positivity and protection, making every drive an auspicious adventure.

Unmatched Benefits of Good Luck Shampoo for Vehicles

The Good Luck Shampoo goes beyond the ordinary, enhancing the physical and metaphysical aspects of your vehicle, making it unique!

  • Washes away Bad Luck: Every wash clears away grime, dirt and lingering bad luck. Ensuring that every trip begins with a positive start!
  • Hexes & Curses No More: In a world where negative energies abound, the Good Luck Shampoo acts as a shield. Protecting your vehicle from the ill will and curses that might cross its path. Axeing the Hexes and Curses far into the abyss.
  • Unique Blend of Natural Luck: Rich with four-leaf clovers, gold essence, horseshoe blessings, and the prosperity cat’s charm. The Good Luck Shampoo guarantees a natural blend of luck, inviting good fortune into every ride.
  • Protection Against the Evil Eye: The road can be full of envy and negative intent ions. GLS offers a protective layer against the evil eye, ensuring that your travels are safeguarded from jealousy and harmful thoughts.
  • Advanced Four Leaf Clover Formula: Cleaning your can has never been more meaningful. A symbolic act of washing away sins. A Good Wash washes not just your worries but also envelops it in a cloak of good luck and fortune. Making your vehicle a magnet for positive experiences. If your wash isn’t doing something extra, why even bother?

Good Luck Shampoo is the best shampoo for getting a fresh clean and refreshed positive aura for their vehicle.

A prediction for a lucky great day starts with a good luck wash. Great for Aquarius, Capricorns, Libras and Leos. And even better for the Cancer, Virgo, Geminis and Sagittarius, bringing positivity to your everyday. What about the Taurus, Pieces, Aries and Scorpio? It should only be used only on days that end in Day! or woe will befall onto their day.

Need a Bit of Good Luck Shampoo in Your Everyday Life.

In a market flooded with car products, Good Luck Shampoo is the superior shampoo! With added glimmer of positivity and luck for your vehicle! You can’t get that anywhere else! Here’s what makes Good Luck Shampoo a revolutionary choice in the realm of car shampoos:

  • Beyond Surface Clean: While standard car shampoos focus on removing the normal stuff, Good Luck Shampoo takes it miles ahead. It cleans and infuses your car with luck and protection against negative energies, offering a holistic approach to car care.
  • Spiritual Well-being of Your Vehicle: You don’t need to burn Sage for a cleanse. Good Luck Shampoo does that and so much more! It acknowledges the importance of not just the physical but also the spiritual well-being of your vehicle. It’s special lucky sauce ensures that your car is not just physically clean but also spiritually fortified.💪
  • Unique Ingredient Synergy: The synergy of its unique ingredients, sets it apart. This exclusive blend, not found in any other car shampoo, aims to attract good fortune and ward off evil. Transforming a routine wash into a rejuvenating ritual for both the car and its owner.
  • Protection from the Evil Eye: In today’s world, where envy and negativity can easily find their way to us, a wash is all you need for an added layer of protection for your vehicle. It shields your car against the evil eye, ensuring that it remains under the umbrella of positivity and good vibes.

About IGL Coatings

Good Luck Shampoo, a car truly purposelful exterior shampoo that cares as much about your vehicle’s fortune as it does about its finish. It’s about the positive journey of life, with each wash promising a fresh start filled with good luck. From high luxury foam washes, to low suds washes to good luck washes, IGL Coatings has it all!

Established in 2015, IGL Coatings quickly gained traction to become one of the most trusted names in the automotive detailing industry worldwide. From Malaysia, IGL’s reach and worldwide success can be attributed to its commitment and dedication towards innovation, sustainability, customer satisfaction and technology.

IGL Coatings is a global market leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative surface protection solutions. With a strong commitment to research and development. IGL Coatings creates industry-leading coatings that deliver exceptional durability, enhanced aesthetics, and environmental sustainability. Trusted by professionals and enthusiasts worldwide. IGL Coatings dedicates itself to revolutionizing the automotive, marine, and industrial sectors with cutting-edge technologies and unparalleled customer support.

For more information about IGL Coatings and their range of automotive and marine products, please visit www.iglcoatings.com.





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