Redefining the standards of marine detailing with our latest innovations. At IGL our commitment to sustainability is matched only by our dedication to excellence, leading us to develop a new suite of products that extend beyond the success of our renowned Ecocoat Marine ceramic coating. This expansion directly addresses the evolving needs of boating enthusiasts and professionals alike.

We are excited to announce the launch of eight new products as part of our ‘Second Wave‘ initiative. This includes innovative protective coatings for wood, glass, fabrics, and leathers, ensuring superior protection against the elements. Additionally, we’ve responded to high demand with new products such as glass waterspot removers, deodorizers, glass cleaners, and an eco-friendly boat shampoo, all designed to enhance the boating experience.

Marine Solutions: Boat Shampoo – All Purpose Boat Shampoo

IGL Eco-friendly Boat Shampoo that is just launched as part of the Marine Second Wave Launch. All Purpose, safe on ceramic coatings and get coatings, high dilution ratio of 1:100,great lubrication, and pH neutral.

Our Boat Shampoo stands out with its environmentally friendly, biodegradable formula, designed for eco-conscious boaters. This zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) shampoo operates efficiently with a low-suds formula that effectively removes dirt and contaminants in one simple step, saving both time and water. Its unique composition ensures deep cleaning without harming marine ecosystems or the boat’s surface.

Additionally, the shampoo provides excellent lubrication, facilitating easy dirt removal and minimizing the risk of scratches. This feature helps maintain the vessel’s cleanliness over a longer period, reducing the frequency of washes needed. Ideal for any boat owner, our Boat Shampoo combines practicality with environmental responsibility, making it an essential product for preserving both your boat and nature.

Marine Solutions: Clarity – Streak Free Marine Glass Cleaner

IGL Clarity that is just launched as part of the Marine Second Wave Launch. A Streak Free Marine Glass cleaner that is ammonia free, made from a 100% biodegradeable formula, steak-free, easy to use with a spotless finish.

Introducing Clarity, our marine glass cleaner. Clarity brings unmatched transparency and shine to your vessel’s windows, mirrors, and other glossy surfaces. Crafted with a biodegradable, low VOC formula,

Clarity incorporates natural plant-derived ingredients and minerals that effortlessly cut through oil, stains, and fingerprints, delivering a flawless, streak-free finish. Its powerful cleaning ability ensures crystal clear visibility without harming the environment, making it an ideal choice for boaters who care about both performance and planetary health.

Extremely user-friendly. Simply spray it directly onto the desired surface and wipe it down with a dry IGL microfiber towel for optimal results. It’s specially formulated to be safe on tinted glass and mirrors, and is ammonia-free to prevent any damage or discoloration to sensitive surfaces.

Marine Solutions: Deodoriser – Marine Deodoriser & Odor Eliminator

IGL Deodoriser gets rid of smell by breaking it down instead of masking. Made from a 100% biodegradeable formula, instantly working, ready to use and easy to spray. Works both indoors and outdoors on musky and bad odors.

Deodoriser is the ultimate solution for combating unpleasant odors. All natural, biodegradable way to eliminate rather than mask unwanted smells. Its potent formulation works as an effective odor absorber, quickly trapping and neutralizing odors from a variety of sources. Urine, smoke, spoiled food, and mildew, among others stand no chance against deodoriser. Ideal for use in enclosed marine environments, Deodoriser ensures that your boat remains fresh, no matter the challenges.

Easy to use, simply shake the bottle well and spray generously over the affected areas such as seats, carpets, upholstery, and other fabric interiors. The formula works as it dries, neutralizing odors and leaving behind a clean, refreshed space. For persistent or strong odors, reapplication may be necessary to maintain optimal freshness.

Marine Solutions: Fabric Guard – Water Repellent Coating For Marine Fabrics

IGL Fabric Guard. Protects your fabirc by creating a water repellent surface, keeps the texture of your fabric original, breatheable, durable while protecting your fabrics from stains.

Fabric Guard revolutionizes the care and maintenance of marine fabrics with its advanced water-based nanotechnology, delivering a super hydrophobic, zero VOC coating designed specifically for the harsh marine environment. This innovative product offers exceptional protection for textiles, canvas, and leathers, shielding them from water, liquids, dirt, and stains. By preserving the original look, texture, breathability, and color of marine fabrics, Fabric Guard not only extends the life of these materials but also maintains their aesthetic appeal and functional quality.

The benefits of using Fabric Guard are substantial, making life easier for boat owners and enthusiasts. Its breathable coating ensures that fabrics remain comfortable and functional, retaining their natural feel while being highly resistant to environmental challenges. The high hydrophobic and oleophobic behavior of the coating means that water and oils are effectively repelled, reducing the frequency of cleaning and maintenance required. This protection also restores and enhances water and stain repellency, keeping marine fabrics looking brand new and making them easier to clean when they do get dirty

Marine Solutions: Glass Guard – Ceramic Coatings For Marine Glass surfaces

IGL Glass Guard that is just launched as part of the Marine Second Wave Launch. A superior ceramic coating specialised for marine glass surfaces. With a water contact angle >120° experience increased clarity, vision, and long lasting durabiliy from this 2-K Coating.

How do you keep your boat’s glass clean and clear, especially during rough weather? Glass Guard by IGL Coatings is your answer. This ceramic coating significantly enhances the water-repellency of glass surfaces, making it easier to see through them when it’s raining or the seas are rough. It’s a straightforward solution for maintaining visibility and safety while you navigate.

With Glass Guard, cleaning becomes a breeze. The coating’s long-lasting formula helps keep salt spray and water spots from sticking, meaning less scrubbing and clearer views for a longer time. It’s ideal for any glass surface on your boat, providing clear vision and reducing the hassle of frequent cleanings. Whether it’s keeping an eye on stormy horizons or just enjoying the view, Glass Guard keeps your glass pristine and your outlook clear

Marine Solutions: Leather Guard – Ceramic Coatings for Marine Leathers

IGL Leather Guard that is just launched as part of the Marine Second Wave Launch. Protection for your marine leathers. A ceramic coating perfect for leather that is breathable, durable with protection against UV. With leather guard you are protected with an increased  chemical resistance, reduced staining and make your cleaning super easy.

Say goodbye to the hassle of maintaining your boat’s leather seats with Leather Guard by IGL Coatings, the ultimate ceramic coating designed specifically for marine leather surfaces. Whether it’s natural leather, artificial leather, PU, or PVC, Leather Guard offers robust protection against the harsh marine environment. It significantly enhances the color retention of your seats by shielding them from damaging UV rays and prevents deformation over time. With Leather Guard, your leather stays looking new, resilient against stains, UV damage, and chemical spills.

Leather Guard not only makes your leather surfaces water-repellent but also reduces the absorption of liquids and stains, simplifying cleanup and minimizing maintenance. Its breathable formula ensures that the leather remains comfortable and durable, extending the life of your leather.

Marine Solutions: Spot Free – Marine Water Spot Remover for Glass

Introducing Spot Free by IGL Coatings, a specialized zero VOC formula designed to tackle tough water spots and stains on marine glass. Engineered to combat the challenges of marine environments, Spot Free effectively cleans away water residues and stubborn stains with ease.

The benefits of using Spot Free are numerous: it not only removes water spots and marks efficiently from glass surfaces but is also concentrated for extra strength. Safe for use on tinted glass and mirrors, it ensures that your boat’s windows and reflective surfaces remain flawless. However, it’s important to avoid using Spot Free on plastics, as its powerful formula could scratch more sensitive materials.

Marine Solutions: Teak Guard – Water-based Marine Teak & Wood Coating

IGL Teak Guard, water based marine teak and wood coating that works on all types of wood. It prevents water penetration and retains the original colour and texture of the wood. Made from a water-based formula, it is eco-friendly, long lasting and allows the wood to age naturally.

Introducing Teak Guard from IGL Coatings—a simple yet highly effective solution for protecting your yacht’s wooden surfaces from the ravages of water and time. Designed for both natural and composite woods, Teak Guard goes on clear and works deeply into the wood, creating a barrier against water that prevents damage and ugly stains. More than just a water shield, it also stops the wood from breaking down, all while allowing it to age and mature beautifully.

What sets Teak Guard apart is its ability to maintain the wood’s natural appearance. Unlike traditional oils or clear coats that can alter the look and feel of your wood, Teak Guard preserves the original color and texture, ensuring that your decks and trim look the way they were intended. It’s an invisible layer of protection that works silently to extend the life and beauty of your boat’s wooden elements. This water-based product is easy to use and provides peace of mind, knowing that your marine wood is well-protected without compromising its natural character.

About IGL Coatings

IGL Coatings is a market leader in green nanotechnology coatings and solutions, offering eco-friendly, low and zero VOC products for a broad range of surfaces, including automotive, marine, building, and industrial applications. Our commitment to sustainability and performance has allowed us to be a trusted brand across the globe. Be a part of this revolution, adopt IGL Coatings’ Marine Line for your boat detailing business, and explore a world of possibilities. For more information please visit our website or contact us at [email protected]




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