Date: 7 July 2022
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Contact: Fiona Chin
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IGL Coatings, the world pioneer of graphene reinforced coatings, launches it latest, toughest and most durable coating – Ecocoat Armor.

Pushing the Limits with Ecocoat Armor

Since incorporation, their mission has been to improve formulation to extend the life of surfaces. Through the years, IGL has succeeded in creating coatings that resists UV weathering, chemicals, and even corrosion. But one feature that alluded them was scratch resistance.

According to their Founder, Keong Chun Chieh, “the R&D team at IGL has been researching more ways that provides not only a high resistance to scratches but! it must also have a consistent, fine, luxurious finish.”

This gave way to the introduction of Ecocoat Armor. The Ultimate Surface Protection Coating can be applied onto a variety of surfaces such as wood, metals, paint and concrete, extending the life of the surface.

Opening New Possibilities & Opportunities with Ecocoat Armor

Ecocoat Armor is also tested on its flexibility, impact resistance, chemical resistance. Reinforced with Graphene Nanotubes, Ecocoat Armor is stronger and tougher against chemicals and corrosion. Performing exceptionally well against harsh environments.

“The uses of Ecocoat Armor is limited only your imagination” shares Keong. The new textured coating with exceptional durability and strength opens up new doors for installers to explore outside the boundaries outside of  the automotive industry. Keong also added further on the safer ingredients used and the variety of surfaces it can be applied to.

“It’s strong yet luxurious finish creates boundless opportunities for home and industrial use!” continues Keong as he further mentions how Ecocoat Armor in all surface protector suitable for furnitures, decks, fences, lawnmowers, shelving, machineries, vehicles and more.

Designed to Last

IGL Coatings created Armor to last longer. Protecting against UV, abrasion, impact and mechanical damage, surfaces are given a longer lease. Compared with similar styled coatings, Armor outperforms its competitors, and with a greener edge.

Armor tested exceptionally well against chemicals and was tested to be safe with the IGL range of series. It’s waterproof, anti-slip abilities gives it that extra grip for areas that frequently get wet, or is near or above water applications.

Formulated with less harmful ingredients, the easy to use and apply Ecocoat Armor is suitable for all projects both big and small.

Sustainability Values

“Sustainability is important to everyone, especially to the IGL Family, ” mentions Keong, he continues “the creation of Armor adds value, increases the lifespan of equipment, valuables, asses, goods and so much more. This makes them last longer, increasing their output, life and appearance.

Availability of Ecocoat Armor

IGL Coating’s Ecocoat Armor is currently available in North America and Malaysia. For more information on the availability of Ecocoat Armor or the products, please feel free to reach out to as at

About IGL Coatings

A market leader in green nanotechnology coatings and cleaning & maintenance solutions for various industries. IGL Coatings is the pioneer in low and zero VOC ceramic coatings. Their nanotechnology graphene technology has been recognised as the pioneer in the industry. Since 2015, IGL Coatings continues to provide effective, cutting edge, eco-friendly products. A Multi Award winner, IGL Coatings is one of the leading brands in North America and is currently available in over 50 countries worldwide.

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