06 OCTOBER 2015 – We are proud to announce today that IGL Coatings Canada Ltd (IGL Canada),  joined the IGL Coatings worldwide team as the Master Distributor for Canada. Through the partnership, IGL Canada will expand the reach of the IGL Coatings products throughout Canada.

“As the demand for our high solids and low VOC coatings increases, it is vital that we work closely with industry partners who is able to supply excellent technical support and products to resellers and end users. With a 20-year and growing track record of IGL Canada in the sales and distribution industry, we are certain that IGL Canada is our perfect distribution partner to provide sales and field-level support in expanding the reach of our IGL Coatings products,” said CC Keong, CEO of IGL Coatings. “The IGL Coatings Family would like to warmly welcome the IGL Canada team to our growing family and we look forward to working closely with them.”

High solids and low VOC coatings is the latest in paint protection system. Users need highly efficient coatings which are easy to use with low application risk. IGL Coatings provide the absolute coating solution to address these needs.

“By joining IGL Coatings, we do not only increase our product offerings but we have extended our commitment made to our channel partners in offering them the latest technology and complete solutions, something we continuously strive to do,” said Joel LaPalme, President of IGL Canada.

“The products offered by IGL Coatings provides a simple, efficient and much more powerful solution than any other options in the current marketplace.  We are excited to be a part of the IGL Coatings team and look forward to a successful partnership.

About the owners of IGL Coatings Canada Ltd

Joel LaPalme

It all started at the age of sixteen, in his hometown of Haileybury, Ontario, where Joel started working at the local IGA. From there his love of the retail industry grew and led him to eventually move on to managing and directing companies such as Price Club/Costco, Business Depot/Staples, Loeb/Metro, LCBO and Aurora Importing. He has been highly sought after for his technical skills, industry reputation and real world experience which has enabled him to reach retailers and persuade consumers.

In business today you need to do more than only sell! You need to manage! Joel is a “no holds barred” forward thinker.

Today Joel and his associates are helping companies by getting their products to market. Every detail from showing your product line to retailers, looking at how to increase your sales, helping stores with merchandising, to building an advertising program to training your sales people; Joel and his associates deliver quality service.

Jeff Kary

With over two decades of management and sales experience, Jeff Kary has developed a keen sense of how successful businesses operate. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family in Calgary’s oil and gas market gave Jeff a taste for business.

Having began his career selling seismic data in the oil and gas market, Jeff quickly learned that he is a person who likes to be in charge of his own destiny. Jeff purchased his first company in that market in 1997 and since then has owned, partnered and founded several businesses. Jeff’s diverse career has garnered him experience in a full range of services from sales and marketing, to finance, and further to acquisitions and divestitures.  Holding positions such as VP Sales and Marketing, President, and Chief Operating Officer of a publicly traded company that he co-founded taught Jeff the intricacies of coupling a strong knowledge of finance with excellent customer service.

In addition to Jeff’s business success, giving back to his community has always been a priority. Jeff organized annual volunteer days for his previous company where they would take clients and staff to an Easter Seals Camp facility where they would help prepare the camp for its special visitors each year. Jeff has also aided the local youth shelter in the obtaining of funds and the actual installation of a new kitchen. He has done work with the local woman’s shelter, heart and stroke foundation and several other philanthropic causes.





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