As we zoom into 2024, the automotive detailing scene is ablaze with the hottest contenders for the title of the “Best Ceramic Coating for the year 2024!“. Which is your pick? Here’s our best!

We’re diving into the ins and outs of what makes a Ceramic Coating and why it deserves your attention. Also, which ceramic coating is the best for you?

What is A Ceramic Coating? 

A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that is applied to the exterior surfaces of vehicles. People commonly use ceramic coatings on automotive (cars and motorcycles), marine (boats), and even home appliances!

Ceramic coatings serve the purpose of enhancing and providing lasting protection to the surface. Offering several key features, including durability, protection against chemicals and the environment, prevention of waterspots, enhanced gloss and shine, and easy maintenance!

What makes a Ceramic Coating the Best?

From high end luxury ceramic coatings to an everyday workhorse ceramic coatings or odd mail order online ceramic coatings. Ceramic coatings are essentially designed to provide semi-permanent, long lasting protection. Typically with a durability rating from 1 to 5 years.

Choosing the best ceramic coating for you and your business (or your vehicle) can be daunting. However it’s definitely worth it to know what’s out there and which is the best ceramic coating for you.

All ceramic coatings have their advantages. Just like superheros, every superhero has their own ability. But what’s the best ceramic coating for you? Do you need extreme strenght? Ultimate aesthetics, waterspot resistance or chemical resistance? Whether you’re looking for a professional grade coating, a simple easy to use coating or one that works great on glass, heat or UV protection. We’ve got you covered.

Here’s a quick summary of what you need to know for the best ceramic coating. 

  • Protection Against Chemicals and Environment
  • WaterSpot Resistance
  • Durability
  • Shine & Gloss
  • Easy Maintenance

And thats not all. We break down how we considered the coatings and what’s the best picks!

Best Ceramic Coating for WaterSpot Resistance:

Waterspot Resistance or Waterspotting is one of the most talked about on ceramic coatings. Does Ceramic coatings create or prevent waterspots?

Because ceramic coatings create a low surface tension for liquids, it creates amazing beads. Find out more about hydrophobicity here. In essence, the more hydrophobic the surface is, like the lotus effect, makes it easier to clean as less contaminants stay on the surface.

Beading is great as it shows how hydrophobic the surface is. Meaning it is also easier to clean as dirt and water falls off easier on a hydrophobic surface compared with a hydrophilic surface.

Sometimes, water beads that stay on the surface. And those beads contain minerals (from the environment) or other contaminants. And when it is left to dry, creates the dreaded waterspots

The longer it is left on the surface, the more minerals will build up. Over time, the water, sun, heat and minerals etch into the surface. 

But why is a ceramic coating important against waterspots? 

It prevents the early etching of waterspots on the surface. Making mineral deposits easier to clean, keeping the surface protected for longer! 

Panels that were coated with ecocoat elixir has shown better waterspot resistance
How did we test waterspot removals? We coated panels with Ecocoat Elixir has shown better waterspot resistance than the panels coated with Ecocoat Quartz.

We tested Quartz, Elixir and a panel with No Ceramic coating against water spots and removals .

The waterspots were easily removed on surfaces treated with a ceramic coating. On a non-ceramic coated surface, the waterspots were difficult to remove and it stil had traces left behind. On comparison however on the ease of removal of waterspots between Elixir and Quartz, we found that Ecocoat Quartz had a bit of resistance to the Waterspot Removal compared. After treated with Ecoclean Delete, both surfaces were clean with Elixir exhibiting superior protection.

As such we award Ecocoat Elixir with the title of Best Ceramic Coating for Waterspot Resistance! 

Best Ceramic Coating for Durability and Shine and Gloss

Durability is super important for a Ceramic Coating. You’ve probably heard 9H and 10H being thrown around in the ceramic coating industry. But what does that mean? 

H is for Hardness and its also for the resistance to deformation, scratching, change. In this blog we go into detail about what Hardness is. It has everything with tests, how the tests run and other interesting bits!

In summary, most ceramic coatings use the Pencil Hardness Scale with ASTM standards as the industry standard. Between 9H and 10H which is stronger? On the Scale, 10H is harder than 9H. 

Ecocoat Kenzo is our Signature 10H Ceramic Coating. Tested by TUV Rheinland and the Pioneer of 10H ceramic coatings. It wins the title for best ceramic coating for durability and shine and gloss

Also, don’t forget the unbeatable warm glow, ultimate shine and gloss that radiates off Kenzo! The Kenzo Glow is unlike any other. The best choice for every owner looking for the ultimate ceramic coating. 

The Best Ceramic Coating for Easy Application

Ecocoat EZ rated as easiest to apply ceramic coatings in 2024

Ecocoat EZ is the best easiest to apply ceramic coatings in 2024.

Specially designed as a one-layer, easy-to-apply, all-surface coating, Ecocoat EZ is perfect for beginners learning how to apply ceramic coatings and for seasoned professionals. It offers a great option for DIY users as it allows for easy application on any surface and provides durability lasting up to one year.

It’s gets the title Easy Application as it’s user friendly and straightforward application makes it simple for even beginner or first time ceramic coating users to apply! 

Why are easy to apply ceramic coating important? Ceramic coatings that are easier to apply means reduced chances of high spots. High Spots are uneven ceramic coating applications that look like oil spills on the surface. Fixing high spots takes time to recorrect and polish again. No one has time for that! Get it right the first time!

Find out more about Ecocoat EZ here. 

That’s the Best Ceramic Coatings for 2024! 

A Recap of the Winners for Best Ceramic Coatings Are: 

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