An In-Depth Analysis and examination of Water Spot Resistance

Water spots on coated surfaces can be a matter of concern, both in terms of aesthetics and potential damage. At IGL Coatings, we are keen on understanding the water spot resistance of our products, particularly Ecocoat Elixir and Ecocoat Quartz.

To this end, we conducted a systematic water spot resistance test using controlled conditions, where both coated and uncoated panels were subjected to exposure to a salt solution. This examination is aimed to replicate real-world scenarios and unveil insights into the performance of our products regarding water spot resistance.

ecocoat elixir and ecocoat quartz

Methodology Used for the Tests

The experimental setup involved the utilization of uncoated panels alongside panels coated with Ecocoat Quartz and Ecocoat Elixir.

We exposed these coated panels to a salt solution containing magnesium sulfate (MgSO4) and sodium chloride (NaCl), which are commonly found in environmental conditions.

MgSO4 stands out as a strong salt in causing stubborn waterspots due to its hygroscopic nature, its potential for chemical reactions with coatings, its ability to form strong bonds, and its resistance to traditional cleaning methods.

mgso4 2d structure

Immediate Water Spot Resistance (24 Hours)

During the initial 24-hour period of exposure to the salt solution, we made a notable observation. The panel coated with Ecocoat Elixir and Ecocoat Quartz both showed remarkable resistance to water spots.

We quantitatively determined this resistance by testing with both MgSO4 and NaCl, and found a 100% resistance.

When we applied water as a cleaning agent, it easily and completely eliminated the water spots, restoring the coated surface to its pristine state.

Water Spot Resistance After 48 Hours

The test was extended for an additional 24 hours, summing up to a total exposure of 48 hours to the salt solution.

This prolonged exposure revealed an interesting trend. While NaCl did not cause any discernible water spots on the coated surfaces, the MgSO4, as a specific challenge, commenced the formation of water spots on the Ecocoat Elixir and Ecocoat Quartz coated panel. Notably, these water spots resisted removal despite efforts to cleanse the surface with water.

Role of Ecoclean Delete

To address the water spots left by MgSO4 on the coated surfaces, we employed Ecoclean Delete, a specialised cleaning solution designed to effectively eliminate tenacious water spots and mineral deposits. We used Ecoclean Delete in this test to address the lingering water spots caused by the MgSO4 exposure.

The outcome was unequivocal: Ecoclean Delete demonstrated effective removal of the remaining water spots on the Ecocoat Elixir coated panel.

However, on the Ecocoat Quartz coated panel, certain water spots exhibited resilience to removal by Ecoclean Delete. This observation indicates a distinct performance between the two products, with Ecocoat Elixir showing superior resistance to water spots, particularly those induced by MgSO4.

uncoated panel exposed to MgSO4 for 48 hours, water spots still remain even after using waterspot remover ecoclean delete
Uncoated panel after 48 hours exposure to MgSO4
panel coated with ecocoat quartz after 48 hours exposure to MgSO4, with remains of water spot after treatment with Ecoclean Delete
Ecocoat Quartz coated panel after 48 hours exposure to MgSO4
panel coated with ecocoat elixir after 48 hours exposure to MgSO4, with almost no remains of water spots after treatment with Ecoclean Delete
Ecocoat Elixir coated panel after 48 hours exposure to MgSO4

What does this mean for you?

In short, water spots on coated surfaces can be a challenging concern, with their formation arising from multifaceted interactions involving environmental variables. Our comprehensive water spot resistance test emphasizes the remarkable performance of Ecocoat Elixir in mitigating water spots.

Notably, Ecocoat Elixir displayed elevated resistance to water spots, particularly those triggered by MgSO4.

It is vital to underscore that prompt attention and maintenance are critical in preserving the pristine appearance of coated surfaces. Products such as Ecoclean Delete offer a valuable means to ensure the sustained cleanliness and protection of coated surfaces.

About IGL Coatings

IGL Coatings firmly commits to advancing innovative solutions that provide exceptional performance while protecting your investments. Rest assured that all our products, in this case, Ecocoat Elixir and Ecocoat Quartz. Are engineered to preserve the impeccable presentation of your vehicle’s surfaces, regardless of your preference.

By choosing IGL Coatings, you are making a choice that ensures superior protection for your vehicle’s surfaces. Bid farewell to water spots, and usher in a renewed, immaculate finish.

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