At SEMA 2015, we launched our signature coating – Ecocoat Kenzo. SEMA 2018 saw the introduction of our first breathable ceramic coatings for leather and flexible surfaces. This year its our Brand New Ecocoat Elixir!

A little backstory, when SEMA 2019 rolled around, our R&D team was confident to release Ecocoat Shield, our PPF and Wrap protective ceramic coating reinforced with graphene. (p.s. we also launched amazing Renew F4 that continues to knock socks off with its refreshing abilities!).

In 2021, after loads of real time research and testing, we celebrated the launch of Graphene Reinforced Ecocoat Kenzo and IGL Aegis!  At SEMA 2022, we introduced the Essentials, a streamlined, sustainable solution for higher volume detailers. It also saw the return of much anticipated Kenzo K1.

IGL’s New Ecocoat Elixir is the new Gold Standard!

ecocoat elixir ceramic coating usp that highlights its properties such as 
1. Outdoor Application
2. Improved waterspot resistance
3. improved self cleaning properties
4. water contact angle > 110
5. improved slickness 
6. easy to apply

The SEMA Show has always been a highlight for detailers for latest news, products and innovations! And this year it was no different. Ecocoat Elixir sets a new industry standard. Proving to be our game changer with its newest innovation – a ceramic coating installed outdoors.

Ecocoat Elixir, IGL Coating’s newest ceramic coating product is one (single) layer, with a durability rating of 3 years. With only 1 layer, Elixir casts its magic with increased durability, better water spotting resistance and amazing slickness.

  • Smoothness improved by 57%
  • Waterspot resistance improved by 80%
  • Water contact angle >110°

Can Ecocoat Elixir be applied outdoors?

The answer: Yes!

Elixir can be applied outdoors in stable conditions. Also, we’ve added a bonus that Elixir is able to be wet in just over 2 hours, a marked improvement from the previous 4 hours mark of our other ceramic coatings.

Some of the key tips for outdoor application include: avoiding application in direct sunlight and keeping it dry for only 2 hours after application. Of course, like all other ceramic coating applications, humidity, heat and temperatures play an important role in any application. For the full details, we recommend to have a look at the TDS sheets of Ecocoat Elixir.

In the newest age of mobility, convenience and choice, IGL installers and detailers will be able to give their customers the choice of more options and locations. Increasing their range of services and ultimately providing them with additional revenue streams.

We specifically formulated Elixir with detailers in mind, allowing for a faster turnaround time and enabling them to work on more vehicles, ultimately leading to improved margins. As a result, Ecocoat Elixir has become the preferred choice for all mobile and professional users.

Egg-sited? Hell yea~

Get Ecocoat Elixir Information and how can you get your hands on some by reaching out to your Sales Representatives on expected arrivals in your country. Not sure who is your sales rep or you don’t have one yet? Email us at now!

In the meanwhile, where’s the How To Application Video on all you need to know about applying Ecocoat Elixir!

Elixir Applications from Around the World!

In the words of one of our satisfied customers, Raymond, Ecocoat Elixir has truly exceeded expectations. Here’s an excerpt from his post:

“Elixir is a long-awaited single-layer coating from IGL which ticked all boxes of my ‘dream coating’ – Single layer, easy to use, super sleek finish, nice water beading & 2-hours initial curing period. Personally applied on 2 full cars so far & I’m really impressed with the ease of application, slick to touch finish & the short initial cure period.”

Raymond’s firsthand experience showcases Ecocoat Elixir’s remarkable qualities, from its user-friendly application to its impressive performance. Join Raymond and countless others who have made Ecocoat Elixir their top choice for automotive ceramic coatings. Discover the difference today!

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