The abrasive polish and compounding systems, ecoshine compound f1, ecoshine polish f2 and ecoshine finish f3 were first introduced by IGL Coatings in 2017 (read launching here). Available in 300gms (10.58oz) and 1000gms (35.27oz) variants, the abrasive systems were an instant hit with detailers and installers.

The abrasive compounds and polishes are perfect for prep work before installing IGL Coatings ecocoat coating series, providing a powerful punch that complements the IGL Coatings range of products.

How ecoshine compound f1 works as a finish ready abrasive

True to its abrasive nature, ecoshine compound f1 works by removing the top layers. This is done by removing or softening the top surface layers with a fine-scale abrasive inside the formula to reveal a smooth, glossy and finished surface. Pictured below is how the body paint layer would look when swirl marks and scratches are present.

Using a polisher to the marred surface with a fine abrasive gently works the grains in the compound and the surface, ensuring a small scratch depth. View diagram below to understand further on how ecoshine compound f1 reduces the scratch depth.

By polishing with fine abrasive, it helps to modify the surface texture. Eventually, this creates an almost reflective mirror surface. As seen below in the diagram, the scratch depth is reduced substantially.

ecoshine compound f1 is best for removal of scratches and swirl marks on the paint, especially when it is located on the top clear coat. When the abrasive has successfully cut through the swirl marks, it will reveal a fresh smooth surface. As seen below in the diagram, the body paint layer is now smooth again.

For added benefit, ceramic coating can be applied after polishing or compounding to seal in the paintwork. This reduces any additional scratches and maintains that awesome shine.

How to use your bottle of ecoshine compound f1

Now that you know how ecoshine compound f1 works to smooth out the swirl marks & scratches, it’s time to learn how you can achieve it for your ride. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through the steps. Let’s start!

  1. Wash the car thoroughly to remove dirt and grit, then dry it
  2. Use a carriable speed polisher with a medium hard foam pad (such as IGL Coatings FM-O).
  3. Apply a small amount of ecoshine compound f1 to the polishing pad
  4. Let the polisher turn at low revolutions and spread the product on the surface via a crossed movements
  5. Then speed up the revolutions (800-1500 RPM)
  6. Always be careful with the surface and prevent it from overheating. Do not allow the polisher to stay on the same surface for too long without adding products.
  7. Repeat the application if required, or until the surface correction is completed.
  8. Wipe away any leftover product before it dries and buff the area with a clean microfibre cloth.


Watch the video below for more ecoshine compound f1 application tips!

Professional tips to use abrasives by Danny Chong

Want more detailer tricks you can apply? Danny has shared his method in handling IGL Coatings abrasives system in a previous entry. You can find tips and videos in our article, Tips on Using Polishing Abrasives for Paint Correction. Make sure to check it out!

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